Black Poetry : Mo' Blood

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    Mo blood
    gonna half 2 be shed

    We seem to think our freedom came via the stroke of a pin
    Ignoring the enemy within
    Two am calls seeking the next of kin
    Happens with alarming frequency ----
    We allowed mass
    Media to erode our since of decency
    I never knew a people tricked so damned completely
    We put trust in leaders selected in shrouds of secrecy
    Anti-American feelings enflamed
    Young folks look at ministers with rims and mansions with distain
    Moral authority they can no longer claim
    Don’t trust em
    Is more than an hip hop refrain
    With each passing day
    We put to shame
    Heroic names
    Do you think Harriet Tubman would be tamed?
    Like the aftermath of Katrina
    We spread the blame
    Rainbow warriors and bean pies merchants
    Spitting game
    Both modern day Cains
    Yet try to explain
    That on their watch
    Our pain
    Along with our misery

    Block after block white powder is the prevailing industry
    It used to be that to get paid
    One would seek the ministry
    Or get a corner store and sell Hennessy
    So now an unholy trinity
    Has become our enemy
    Our energy is expanded in fueling the negative
    It has been suggested
    That our sub conscious minds
    Have been arrested
    Developments in mind control
    Enhance the role
    Of the television,
    Sparking the divisions
    Set tripping causing collisions
    Brainwashed by history’s revisions
    Elders and ancestors look on with derision
    Fueling the suspicion
    The blood on our streets
    Is fuel to the American economic system?
    Black men in prison
    **** how the numbers have risen
    As I said in my poem Black Power,
    On the watch of William Jefferson Clinton
    Black men on death row still filled American’s prisons
    And just for the record
    Ron Brown was murdered, is anybody listening?
    We see the world through our enemy’s prism
    Thus we see only the difference
    In Muslim, Jew and Christian
    Dark clouds of the apocalypse
    Gather in the distance
    America plays a game of chicken
    With countries that have the power to deliver mushroom clouds
    Our leaders are aroused
    By power thus they espouse
    An agenda with dangerous repercussions
    This has become much more than us v the Russians
    80-year-old men in the shadows
    Giving instructions
    They’ll be first to seek the underground bunkers
    To survive the destruction

    I say that to say we are mistaken in seeking political solutions
    We get pimped by one party and ignored by the other
    Politically smothered
    voters fly to the polls
    but still they suffer
    We have yet to discover
    Republican and Democrats
    Are skull and bone
    blood brothers
    political games
    create the illusion
    masking the collusion
    in the confusion
    they are taking new world orders
    increasing the slaughter
    of first world lives
    desecration of tribes
    spreading lies
    535 elected officials – so what?
    democracy is a mere disguise
    but will it matter when the dirty bombs start to fly
    toxic fumes poison the sky
    our greed
    destroying mother earth
    but giving birth
    to karma that we aren’t prepared to handle
    administration scandals
    a mindless president on television rambles
    his policy in shambles
    on a gamble
    going to war over manipulated data
    the chickens continue to gather
    coming home to roost
    will we stay blind to the truth
    they say that the love of money is the root
    was it love of money in 63
    that gave orders to shoot
    a man down in broad daylight
    the power of dark over light
    to live by the sword cuts both ways
    so if history is repeated
    and a puppet gets wet
    and his associates sprayed
    will we finally have justice and a chance for better days?
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    working to own my plus size empire.....
    I'm a Georgia Peach!!!!
    yes i hear you loud and clear. its time for a change. flow on poet.
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    Pos Technical Support
    Windy City
    Chance for better days
    I dig dirt
    Bigger graves
    6feet naw 9 today
    The corner born life
    Husler is the only life
    I die by a gun
    No politics just the way
    I live my life
    Night lights shine brighter than Vegas
    The mere mention of Bush
    My guns make em famous
    Hell we destroying the earth
    Who gone save us
    Sweet potato pie dreams
    Bean pie my brother
    Thats not the life for me
    I have love for the brothers though
    But love as far as I go
    Demon knight is the only way I go
    Chambers of the death
    Acid and rain is felt
    My mind is slain with death
    My ryhmes feel your mind
    With the pain thats dealt
    Networking criminal masterminds
    I aint ready to die
    But my life been ready to die
    Molded out of a woman fa sho
    Pops made me a bastard out here selling the snow
    No direction streets all I know
    Republicans & Democrats
    No Love is shown to them
    There still white and were slaves to them
    Passing bills as they laugh
    What im still a slave to them
    I been dead to them
    Many men pit vulchers
    Pitbulls nightstalkers
    Plent pain the haters loveless
    Take your breath
    Leave you dead-Its heartless
    Malcom X I love the power
    The energy you brung to me
    Let me know what whites were doing to me
    I say me
    Cause im black and we are we
    I let it ring from the Ghetto
    I let the children sing
    Before the drive bys snuff another Brother see
    Make the children run for cover see
    No more jumping rope or play ground swings
    We cut the nets on the basketball rings
    Shoes hangs on electric wires
    Cars stuck in the street
    Poor life aint it-Naw its just the life we live
    I think the victim is me....
    Its me.....

    Much love poet
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    hella tight - big upz

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    BUSINESS owner
    heavy scribing deep tyte write
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    Yes we are used as a means to an end, and if we benefit it's only by happenstance. Keep delving in deep poet.