Black Women : MLK s birthday

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    boringham, alabama
    since it is his bday, i thought i would post some of my thoughts.

    f u engage n unbiased research n2 kings life u will encounter divergent acessments of the sum of his life. u will undoubtedly encounter some who choose 2 focus on his flaws or the imperfections that r ubiquitous thruout humanity. delve deeply enough & u may even discover & possibly b dissilusioned by writings that claim, as some do, that the overwhelming bulk of kings writing & speeches were plaugerized almost verbatum from other sources. according 2 1 source, mrs king was compiling a book of kings writing & speeches when that was initially proported. she launched an investigation n2 the matter & (according 2 the same source, not me) found sufficient substance n the claim 2 cease plans 4 her publication. sources closer 2 home claimed that while he held himself out as a bastion of moral fortitude he lacked the personal integrity 2 remain fathful 2 his wife. thats not all. o k, so king was human & like the rest of us, at times weak.

    who amoung us can testify about the immeasurable pressures, constant survailance, temptations and frustrations inseparable from such a prominant leadership position & guarentee that we would hv performed better, or even as well? for the most part this individual suffered unrestricted derision, open hatred, insessent opposition (sometimes from supposedly friendly allies), & more than 1 assassination attempt, and life under a magnifying glass w a composure, grace & dignity few could match, let alone surpass. kings human failings do not need 2 b whitewashed or ignored any more than his accomplishments do. we must learn 2 accept all aspects of our leadership & embrace them n totality, recognizing the part of us n them & the part of them n us. it is, after all, his humanity that endears him 2 us most. as far as i m concerned, being brutally murdered n the prime of life wipes the transgression slate clean.

    that said, & at the risk of being accused of blasphemy i confess, that 4 me at least, this holiday isn t really about king. as the 1 legal international holiday for black people, it is simply 2 large 4 any 1 man, even king. i choose 2 honor & remember the countless participants, the known & the many more unknown n our collective struggle thru the ages. black heroes & sheroes began w the dawn of time. there is no era of human history n which some black people did not achieve excellence. the struggle 4 equality & freedom began centuries b4 either malcolm or king. f all the participants were known, we could read about 1 each day & still not complete the task by the end of our lives. every group, nation or race has achieved some measure of greatness, at least n their opinion, at some point n their travel thru time.

    today is set aside specifically 2 recognize ours.

    this is just one, black mans opinion. whats urs?

    hi thandi :wave:
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    hey doc!

    i agree with you. today is not just a day for honoring him but for the countless and and sometimes forgotten sheroes and heroes of our history.

    i too have read people comments about him plaguerizing parts and/or all of his speeches. we hared about his alleged affairs, seen he's friends turn against him, and his actions simplified. it still doesn't diminish the accomplishments and tribution of his life.
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    financial independence
    creates an illusion of

    how can we truly be free
    when rapper Jay-Z can't even
    occupy a space in upper Manhattan
    for his tenancy

    is it just me
    or does a new form
    of racism exist
    segregation has nothing to do with

    the most wealthy affluent whites
    today sit
    high up on a roof
    ignoring the cries of our
    people for they can't really
    handle the truth

    how can we truly
    be free when the
    laws of the state
    puts everyone in
    jeopardy of losing
    their keep

    new tax laws are preying
    upon the ignorant
    minds of black people
    who are still being

    victimized even after
    Jim Crow
    remember Brown versus the
    Board of Education

    today the Bush Administration
    wants to say
    HBCU's are no longer needed
    along with its various forms of
    affirmative action yet our community
    still harbors cases of poor
    economic development

    there is no wonder why
    the quality of education
    is better at Harvard, Yale, or Princeton
    whites have always catered to themselves
    never asking for our permission

    in the state of Alabama
    a new governor under
    the same form of government
    is being inaugurated on
    Martin Luther King's birthday

    making a mockery
    of his name

    can you say


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