Law Forum : MLK Family Wins 1999 Court Decision = New Interest

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    Eye came up in an era when MLK walked on water, and then he was drowned. Eye will never dislike him as a human being because eye know his sacrifice of death created "some" changes for my generation.

    He was a Boule'. He was a minister. He was a socialist. He was a civil rights activist = eye find all four roles very contradictory. Anyway, for a while eye supported his dream without the full understanding that implementing a PLAN would have been more viable and sustaining for US. As Dr. John Henrik Clarke said in hindsight: "bury the man, continue the plan".

    Had he lived, OUR world as denizens in AmeriKKKa would have gone in a totally different direction. Of course, someone saw the merits in such a change and cut his life short. Eye will always grieve that lost concept.

    However, each day brings new wonders and for that WE should all be thankful....


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