Black People : MK-ULTRA

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    I dont really know how to begin with this. But Ive heard mention of this from Bobby Hemmitt. The showing of the news in Chicago of the all of a sudden killings inspired me to let more people know about the reptile alien behavior of the United States government. As Bobby said it was back in 1992 a brother that was being accused of some killings said I have an implant in my head and we laughed at him. Im mainly writing this because you have to know and now I know that a great deal of this is not how any Black Chicago people act and a great deal of it is not just gang violence. Not a all of a sudden killing spree on people, kids, Black kids, Latinos that are not even involved in gangs.
    And I say crips and bloods like Bobby said on one of his many videos excerpts on youtube got a good start with this mk-ultra another government project and no telling who or where else its happening.
    This goes beyond gang violence.

    The leaders of the government sold out to the devil long time ago and they became the devil a long time ago. And the closer you are to politics the easier it is for you to get sucked in.

    I dont mean to scare anyone because his time is allmost up. He is getting crazier. All of these promises of the future and its technology that is hyped up and planned; it might come anyway because of the Gods.