Black People : MJ: He must have been "Starting Something"!!!

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    Folks cried and weeped and mourned around the world and held candle light vigils and took off sick from work after the news of Michael's
    death and oh so so many folks were heart brocken

    But how many asked for or demaded an investigation?
    The doctor cut out of the scene and left, just left his luxury ride there?

    When Kennedy was shot , oh the world cried and moaned and weeped and some fell into depression but,
    how many asked for or demanded an investigation?
    according to on the minute news reports, 75% of witnesses said they heard shots come from the Grassy Noll and not the Book depository
    (District Attorney Jim Garrison

    When Dr. King was shot , Black folks got fed up and burned down and rioted half the nation, but how man demanded an investigation, or why intel had the hedges removed were James Earl Ray was claimed to have shot from

    From the Huffington Post;
    Coroner Rules Jackson's Death Homicide,

    The question remains who told (or gave the order to)or funded Dr.Conrad Murray to give Michael Jackson a lethal dose of drugs that were obviously not for insomnia,
    and what covert financial assistance activities was Jackson involved in in third world nations that enraged or embarassed the Globalists??

    Remember Bob Marley died mysteriously just after planning a global peace concert with Stevie Wonder