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    First appears as an Aryan sun-god in Sanskrit and Persian literature circa 1400 BCE. The cult was introduced into the Roman empire in the 1st century BCE.
    Mithra was:
    born of a virgin in a stable on the winter solstice--frequently December 25 in the Julian calendar (the emperor Aurelian declared December 25 to be the official birthday of Mithra, circa 270 CE)--attended by shepherds who brought gifts. The evidence of the three wise men with gifts can only be found in Egypt with Isis bringing gifts under a evergreen Tree.
    worshiped on Sundays;
    shown with a nimbus, or halo, around his head;
    said to take a last supper with his followers when he returned to his father;
    believed not to have died, but to have ascended to heaven, whence it was believed he would return at the end of time to raise the dead in a physical resurrection for a final judgement, sending the good to heaven and the wicked to hell, after the world had been destroyed by fire;
    to grant his followers immortal life following baptism.
    Followers of Mithra:
    followed a leader called a papa/ptah (pope), who ruled from the Vatican hill in Rome. The Catholic named their city after this. The word Vatican has roots in magic/forteling. This relates to ptah/Thoth who helps God to Foresee the creation of the world that started from the Primeval Hill. Creation of the world was by heka=magic/wisdom or foresight.
    celebrated the atoning death of a savior who has resurrected on a Sunday;
    celebrated sacramenta (a consecrated meal of bread and wine), termed a Myazda (corresponding exactly to the Catholic Missa (mass), using chanting, bells, candles, incense, and holy water, in remembrance of the last supper of Mithra). The word Christmass comes from this also.
    The emperor Constantine was a follower of Mithra until he declared December 25 the official birthday of Jesus in 313 CE and adopted the cult of Christianity as the state religion.

    7 Degrees of Initiation Of Mithra the sun god

    The first degree was Corax (Raven) under Mercury (Thoth). This stage symbolized death and being reborn. The Egyptian Thoth was the God of the underworld or death.

    The 2nd degree is of Nymphus (male-bride) under Venus. The initiate wears a veil and carries a lamp in his hand. In Matthew 25:1 we read “Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened unto ten virgins (reduced to five) which took their lamps and went forth to meet the bridegroom (jesus). In Egypt and in Plato times the #5 was symbolic of marriage and Venus. Calling jesus a “bridegroom” is the same as calling him Venus the Morning/Male star and Evening/female Star. Nymphe (bride) should be derived from the Egyptian word Nfr which could be used for either sex.

    George GM James book “Stolen Legacy” proves that Mithra is Egyptian in origin with a diffirent name in order to be adapted to local conditions.