Black Poetry : Missing Them


going above and beyond
Aug 20, 2010
Stories of the family relayed daily
Their depths these days are @ bay
If their was something to say we fell like failures
Everything they built for our futures
Can not be known from us to them
I'm so tired of strangers and their schemes...
Or is it skeems all that's known is what's been decided
For us to get over missing them
Some things I can not understand even when confided
Why seal the deal w/ props even when I'm already dead
Superficial is not the word
I'm looking right now @ you
Calling out someone anyone my momma
Always gets me the right shoe
You made this life happen w/ that fertalization I'm coming to ya.​
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Life is just a breath, but your works last forever.
During this time, I wanna to wish everyone on this site the most blesseth and positive energy throughout
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Continue to stay safe
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Thanks for the Blessing! Love You! :kiss:
Making sure I do more than I did yesterday. Progress is the Concept.