Haiti : Miss Haiti 2010


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Oct 30, 2005
I'm not sure cheating is the appropriate word---especially, if what the poster mentioned by Amnat said is true about the pageant never being genuine from the get. Plus, it is highly unlikely this girl wasn't aware of what went down. This is supposed to be an attorney right? What kind of 'official' laws would Haiti have that would allow outsiders to come in and represent? It's bad enough she still represents the same old vanguard image being pushed, but she isn't even from the country itself. How can that NOT be questionable? For the record, I did ask that question; I still want to know who voted that white woman in as queen of an HBCU? You always need to know the nature of the puppet AND the puppetmaster.

This doesn't bother me. She won without cheating right? If anyone has a problem with who won, perhaps the people who conducted the selection should be in question. It seems like the people who make the decisions always go by unnoticed.


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Jun 18, 2004
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all babies are cute, all young women are pretty....

Is it only me or do others think its really retarded for women to parade around in bikinis and high heels... and have others judge them on how beautiful they are?

I put this in the same category as the ''women's lingerie NFL team''
:geek:..they are all lovely, there is no way to pick one above any others. it's silly.


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Dec 11, 2006
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Please clarify this garbage you have posted. You have never seen one pic of a "light bright" or half-breed in any pic examples i have shown, you sound delusional.

You obviously have never seen my picture albums.......

And again this is a clear cut case of a self-hating "Negroe" complex that gives "light" skin or "mixed" breeds more prevalence.....i.e Brazil.......
She is part of the Haitian elite so this is more of political issue than anything..plus i think her skin was bleached for the competition.. and my comment isn't garbage- its the truth:court:
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