Quiet Poetry Lounge : Misery

Sweet baby_face said:
I don't want yr company
Because you are not my friend
You only want to see me me completely
drowning in you
I've learned how to swim and
our relationship

Misery is no longer my friend
I don't need her company
Because I've stop hurting
You no longer surround me and
Our relationship will end
I don't want misery
She is not my friend

You will not be one of friends on my MYSPACE page
So you might as well let me be
I won't put you in in my FAV 5
So you can stop calling me

Misery has just been blocked
I don't need her companionship
Because she loves me not
She didn't want to see me happy
So I had to let her go
Misery is not welcomed
Now she should find someone else to hold

But I can't believe I let her in
Knowing she would take me down in the end
Engulfed me completely
Didn't know that I've been had
Misery had a hold on me
She really had me bad

Misery has no place here with me
I don't desire her company
She was never friendly
The bond has been broken
I don't need her as a friend
I depise her completely
A relationship between us won't begin again...

Something about your poem tells me that you're still trying to convince yourself that what you wrote is true when it is not...at least not yet. When it does become true, you'll never write one single word about her....meaning you will have become healed!!! Loved the poem !!!


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