Black Poetry : miseducation of love

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    Mar 30, 2001
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    Atlanta, GA
    do u realize what u have done
    and that all though we r through
    the powers of you still be
    cause it is yo **** that still controls me

    ****! i cant move on
    not cause i am stuck
    but because i only know wrong
    to get a good man
    is like mission impossible
    i only know of ****ed up men
    and to get him to do right is just impossible

    i am stuck in a no win situation
    i dont know what to do
    whether i leave or stay
    i will still get another ****ed up "you"
    well at least with you
    i know yo degrees
    and i know exactly how ****ed up u can be

    so i guess i'll stay
    cause this is all i know
    and well to leave u
    will be probably too much more
    more work to put in i mean
    cause at least i have u trained
    to do certain things

    i hope and pray that u will change for me
    and learn that one day
    u will have to do right by me
    i love you boy
    and i want to make this **** work
    but erytime i turn around
    you lookin' up another ******* skirt

    man what to do
    i am stuck in da middle of your lies like glue
    i dont know anything else
    so why leave
    i mean all i will attract
    is more **** fleas
    no one wants me
    you told me so

    so i guess i have to put up with this ****
    or just go
    but if i go
    what will i do
    cause i will miss all da times that
    u used to tell me what to do
    it made me feel loved
    i know that may sound crazy to few
    but at least he cared

    **** what did i do

    i mean was it me
    was i not enough
    i mean i even took on two jobs
    so that i could buy u stuff
    u said u loved me
    but love would not hurt me
    and that is all i have received

    i think i betta leave
    or else i will go insane
    i have lost my self worth
    and alot more for you
    but u have not compensated me
    for all the **** you took me through

    well that was then and this is now

    but ****! boy
    why do i still feel like u are around
    i cant move on
    cause pain is all i know
    and well i have it with or without you

    so all i can say.......
    is will u come back home
  2. Gaylee

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    Mar 8, 2002
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    "but at least he cared" He cared about who? "but u have not compensated me for all the **** you put me through", no compensation can make up for whatever **** is dished out, and why would he put you through this if it was ever love? He wouldn't girl. And the feelings going on here are addiction, not love. The addiction can be broken and freedom can be found, and oh, what happiness that does bring. Lock those doors and don't let him in!! Once self worth is back around only then will a GOOD MAN be found. MOVE ON GIRL!

    This was really a great piece, the feelings totally understood, so honest, and real. Very well said and written. Thank you for sharing.
  3. redlady

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    Apr 6, 2001
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    New Jersey
    yeah, i read this and if you re-read your own scribe, you will see that the answers are right there in front of you...nice piece though, honest and soul bearing. Destee is a house to unload such feelings. Peace and good luck to you.
  4. $$RICH$$

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    what's for u is 4 u ......move on to an new love
    one that honor & respects u 4 u
    sistah ya too good to stay in a massive destruction
    good luck
  5. ladybug

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    Mar 30, 2001
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    Atlanta, GA
    thanks yall but this is past and gone and new day for me has begun............thanks for da luv though fam!