Black People : Minority Officers Upset Over Police Station Noose

The newsreel says that it 'may have even be a police officer ' that hung the noose in the male locker-room.

Hmm. Whom else could it have been? Harriet Tubman?

A disgruntled janitor? An ex con? Maybe it was one of them drug-dealin' bruthas that spend more time in jail than with their children.

Yeah. He mighta planned it then hung the noose when nobody was looking.

Maybe it was one of them brutha gangsta rappers that got 'attitude' with the cops and wanna kill'm.

Maybe it was al sharpton or, jesse jackson that had one of the members from their 'radical' civil rights groups (probably one of them grandmother members,) to engage in a 'covert operation' to hang that noose.

Yeah cause according to some here at DESTEE, the police are 'perfect.' The most law abiding upper-standing citizens in society. Exemplary. Saintly. Even Godly. Especially the 'black ones. Their poop don't stink or none of that!

They toe the thin blue line everyday, putting their lives on the line for us lowly unsuspecting imbeciles in a firey glory we could never appreciate.

They are part of a Great Brother-hood!

(until some crack-head hangs a noose.)


Racism Is Running Rapid. It stands on its own merits. All we need to do is open our Divine eyes. Many still runs to a system who is immune to us, seeking Justice. Many still claim to be African:skate: americans.

Our people do not know that that The Law Enforcement Officials (LEO's), regardless of color, takes two Oaths, one is suppose to protect the citizen and the other the Rich, and as we can see, they obey the Oath to protect the Rich better than they do the have nots. LEO's Oath is to protect the rich, keeping the have nots from destroying the rich properties. What is the LEO's y going to profit by protecting the have nots?

Now these police Officers will see whom their Oath should be too. They will see what the have nots go through. This is a good and bad thing. It is a Divine Eye Opener. When we are working and sleeping with cousins to Snakes, why do we think we are not going to get bit/hung? When we work/sleep with the cousins to Snakes/ enemies, and still do not know who the Snake/enemies are, we are one of them, we are blind, deaf, and dumb. What a Divine Awakening for this police department. Now lets see who they will chose to serve after all of this. Lets see if all so called black people in Law Enforcement everywhere will start wondering:thinking: if they are next, and suspect those who work with them (Caucasian) that is. That is a Lot of HEAT in that Steel heat environment. They may end up shooting each other mysteriously. Who knows where the wind may blow, living in Times when we do not know who to trust.

Princeville, NC: When it was learned that Raleigh, NC was going to be flooded, this Snake, vampire, and then some system opened up the dams and flooded Princeville, so it, the flood would not affect the Rich. I got that information from others and directly from a Colonel in the Military.

Lets not forget the LA riots, and how the LEO's protected the RICH.

Lets not forget Katrina.

Lets not forget SUNDOWN TOWN
A sundown town was a community in the United States where non-Caucasians— especially African Americans— were systematically excluded from living in or passing through after the sun went down. They came into existence in the late 19th century during what sociologists have described as the low point of race relations in the United States. Sundown towns existed throughout the nation, but more often were located in the northern states that were not pre-Civil War slave states. There have not been any de jure sundown towns in the country since the legislation in the 1960s inspired by the American Civil Rights Movement, though de facto sundown towns existed at least into the 1970s. Their continued existence is the subject of some debate.

Sundown Towns in the United States

Texas city haunted by 'no blacks after dark' past

Memories of "SUNDOWN TOWN"

We do not understand how the Irish, Latinos, and other mix races are used as Buffers against Black people in the Law Enforcement System, and every where.

If we were in our total Divine right mind-set, we would be :run: :run: :run: like a bat out of hell far away:bus: from this System. Bye Bye Bye :wave: america, because it is going to get uglier than Ugly than what we see now. I am working everyday to get out of the Frying Pan (amurdika).

I am throwing this in now while I am thinking about it.

I just recently renewed my Passport. We need a Passport now to go to/through Mexico, Canada, and Caribbean.

Was this (passport) created by the Snake System because they see ahead of us and know that many of us will be headed in those directions when they turn the Heat up high on us, and some of their owns too, because this System do not care who it destroys? Come on our people, we must keep up with this Snake mentality, and stay ahead it as well. Do we not see that that passport creation is to Corner people in so they will not get out? The masses will not be able to get out.

Signs and Wonders:

:thinking: Take a Divine look at how the mexicans are trying to get cross the borders now. Those are Signs and Wonders we need to be thinking about.

Again, it being said that in order for Latinos to be initiated in a Latino Gang they must kill a black person. If black people are trying to cross the borders say to get to Cuba, Canada, Carribean, perhaps Latinos will be use as a buffer then to. The offer would be if they kill one of us who are trying to cross through these places, they the Latino will have an automatic free pass /entry into the usa territories. :thinking:

All of us who have going to Cuba, Canada, Caribbean on the mind when the heat is turned up in this Burning amurdika house, we are going to burn with it, because we have not preplanned a way out for ourselves and family. :thinking:

The Human beings, Slave catchers, corruptors scared our people out of their right Divine minds, perhaps these harder dayz and all that is happening to us will lead us back into our Divine right minds. All negativities is bad. It is designed to innerlighten us, ignite us, inner power us...and then some.:thinking:

lacka·dai·si·cal (lak′ə dā′zi kəl)
showing lack of interest or spirit; listless; languid

Not what Nationality are we. What Rationality are we?

Oh, I am from the Lackadaisical Tribe.

It is time for us to Stop the Lackadaisical attitudes.

Yall didn't hear this from the Flesh me. From the Cosmic Ancestors who resides/speaks through me.
Here is loving you/Afrika

:SuN030: :SuN030: :SuN030:


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