Black Money Business Jobs : Minority Manager Readies Managed Futures Fund

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    Newly formed, minority-owned, DC metro-based asset management and investment firm to provide top-tier services.

    Dynasty Financial Group provides direct access to alternative investments to DC, Maryland and Virginia clients.

    WASHINGTON, DC, October 2, 2005 (PRWEB) ---Opening offices in the heart of Washington, DC, Dynasty Financial Group will offer a unique blend of alternative investment opportunities to greater metropolitan DC clients. Ray Yzer, Founder and CEO will be directing the office and handling the Private Client Group.

    Powerful. Influential. Dominant. --three words that will drive the service and offerings components of Dynasty – as well as the literal definition of the company’s moniker. “This firm will be committed to identifying, creating and providing access for each of our clients to some of the best, most innovative money management ideas and opportunities,” said Founder Ray Yzer.

    Extensive product offerings will include: managed futures, exchange traded derivatives, prime brokerage services, foreign exchange, and OTC derivatives. This unique mix of alternative investment vehicles will now allow the individual investor the opportunity to take part in potentially lucrative ventures previously left to large institutional customers.

    Yzer’s background includes senior positions at Bellamah, Neuhausser and Barrett and Morgan Stanley Dean Witter in metro DC.

    “From the suburb neighborhoods like Mitchellville, Maryland, to Alexandria, Virginia to downtown DC, our goal is to provide a truly unique level of service and commitment to all our clients, with real, tangible, bottom line results that exceed their investment goals,” Yzer commented.

    About Dynasty Financial Group: Dynasty Financial Group, LLC is an asset management firm with a broad range of product offerings including: managed futures, exchange traded derivatives, prime brokerage services, foreign exchange, and OTC derivatives. Services and products are provided nationwide to a diversified client base, including: corporations, retail clients, and high net-worth individuals who value personal and specialized services. (

    Tom Kelley, Concept Group USA, 202-344-5043
    [email protected]
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    Very interesting. Thanks for sharing this information with the Fam. :D

    If you know of any other "minority"-owned business out there, let us know.