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Jun 16, 2013
There are mandates on no sites with federal money to have a certain percentage of minority participation.

3 categories

1) percentage of workforce

2) minority contractors

3) purchasing from minority vendors

Because Hispanics are thriving in construction some verbage no specifies African American to fill these quotas.

As a foreman I attend weekly meetings. The onsite foreman can represent the company or a superintendent from a company.

There are 3 black owned/ran businesses on this job. Of these 3 contractors only 1 of them has an African American working for them. Their labor forces are almost 100% Hispanic.

I asked one contractor about this while walking out of a meeting and I didn't get an answer. I just got a look in which I could have interpreted a few different ways.

What could be a reason why these guys would choose not to help their own people?

This isn't the first time I have come across this. Actually the white contractors hire more AA's then black owned businesses do. To speaks fairly, some of it may not always be by choice but the AA contractors don't get their 20% out of field labor.
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