Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
Repressing fear words i feel
frustration deeper in my soul
the spirit lifted mind stained
the struggle continues

without consequences & hope
by faith yet reckless experiment
creates a failure of innocence
momentarily , i scream aloud
nothing cures the moment i face
i sense distrust by tthe aggressive
tongue cutting at the souls of
thy people i cry in the congo tears

suspended by denounced reality
some will never see or observe
the greater morbidity the struggle
continues under superior America
high rank flaws of laws to substain
our lifting da mindz traped in the
maze of practice da terror of death

dying in the illusional sorrow as pain
capside the worth of thy people to
open da flood gate a deep reflection
presented in realistic remorse of legends
who died in the mist of struggle these
overexposed bodies lay in the stilliness
yet to awaken by the goodness of
intention forth the forefathers speaketh

sleep well i tell ya ! because we failing
the knowledge of left wisdomized harvest
planted we struggle to see the fruitful dayz
given and mindz bondage in jealousy of creed
da hate rise beyond the hills , sleep well i say
because the day wilt in greed i weep da last
indingo rain fall unto the struggling life we delt
dynamicly continuing clinging we lost way
to unite a long patient vigil toward utility union

I still worship the mighty afrocentric land of thy
mother she spreads in false groundz many have
betrayed her worthy cry without necessary means
the struggle sails sea on the poison ship of capitivity
to soaring heights of destructionalize waters
anger hangz ova my head , sadness instill, deep !
deep depression dwells beyond communities but
cross cities / states and landz in a circular fashion
i cry in the mango of beats as acient drums tap
compulsional still obsession to move control me
to speaketh , teach and reach what allows me
the struggle is larger then life today we shame
thy face to reality and for go unity to resound life
i'm buried alive by handz of my creed from the
maze of divided practice & experience our newly
generations transcending unjustice way for
liberity stand not to our consciousness of hope

I weep , i weep today for da struggle live upon
thy people cross da nationz i weep in da blood
red and spill upon the landz and lack of i weep
staining paths of swelling cries doom inside
da struggle continues not Free'd the mindz yet
in bonded chains shackled down in myth making
History i weep da blood and feel the rumble of
groundz of the un-living as ancestors turn
we now time our days to rise in hope keep a
dream and enhance our tomorrow building in
today as people to deem da struggle we facing

Da Struggle continues i weep da blood of thy creed :crying

A Dyamondluv Struggle
Nu~wave~Ink Creation
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Jun 17, 2003
Spokane, Washington
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King $$RICH$$........

Royal, No! A "Devine" flow. This peace envoked tears.
Tears not in the strict sense of the pain caused by the memories of the last 400 yrs.
But rather tears we all will shed for future geneartions if we don't find a way to not only get a grasp on our true destiny, but also if we as a people don't re-define the concept of destiny. A working, applicable destiny.

Thanks my "Brother-Poet-Prophet" for we are truly blessed to have your heart, soul and wize wordz to watch over us.

Peace Power and Prosperity


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
Afrostotle......we as people of the people for the people will indeed weep
throughout our future growth if we don't seek answers without self hate
without flicked pain to thy creed our brotherhood / sisterhood in the divided
notions but share a common unity as people to deem da deep struggle we
face and see the pain of he motherland hear they cry of our afro-nation we
will weep into depression that looms .......Thankz a million for hearing da
tears of blood spilled .

peace & lovin unity unto u ..

Thank u poetrymama ....time we share commonly and work on the struggle
of our people our lives and community we have to start somewhere somehow
and stop the cry of blood the tears of pain and this heavy depression of color.

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