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Mar 17, 2001
where the sugar is in the land
Oceans and seas of tidal
Wave breezes of love
No longer distant shores
As I feel you next to me
Oh, yes...I, looking at you,
As I search for a greater
Depth of hues in the
Essence of you
How deep can I take you?
Is your heart anchored?
How can I move you to
I ask you questions like
This you see, to see if I
Have the ability to bring
Out of you the sweet gift
Of serenity
Subliminal rapture is what
I feel when I am close to
I hear you whisper something
So soft, yet so deep, that
Only my body can hear....
I feel you trying to massage
My mind waves as I feast
On relaxation with you
Sensuous are we, as we
Knead each others' souls
But let me take this a
Little further to a place where
You can only understand, as
I take you to a level that
Only your mind will be able to
Be freed
You know, kind of like
Hypnotical mind waves of
Trances...let me take you there
We penetrate off of moonlight
Oceans as we drift
Rain thoughts of gentle breezes
With you brings me to climatic
Heights of the unknown
Radiant are we, ancient mind
Waves of oceans and seas
As we meditate on the idea
Of "we", close your eyes and
Repeat after me....
I love you...I hear you say,
"I love you"
I need you...I hear you say,
"I need you"
I want you...I hear you say,
"I want you"
Forever...and I hear you say,
"For eternity"
Limitless as our mind waves
My muse is your mental
Oh, and by the way, my work
Is done...ahhh, the sweet
Gift of serenity


kaslis, copyright 2001...all rights reserved.

as the sea breeze brisk in land
upon the wonder of faces
my loveth vow i offer u
by the waves of yo love
it floats into my soul
and i feel ya essence
now i desire the bliss
yo sweet kiss
as i taste passion
YEAP!! ya work be done!!
:heart: :love: :heart: :D


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