Black Poetry : Mind damage a bit but manage to fit rhymes in a microphones This blind domes and leave a shine on ch


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May 11, 2006
Mind damage a bit but manage to fit rhymes in a microphones
This blind domes and leave a shine on chrome now in zones
This official greeting and initial meeting set the stage for further
Negotiation I wan t butter on location this girl is my lover
This not an absurd circus these words has purpose so while
In the club I got a smile of love not a wild thug got style
Get quicker lace in a particular place bed wet like the Nile
When he see a dame fine then my frame of mind is to
talk sweet while we walk in the street new power a few
hours pass in my brain search galore to cum with much
more love words girl look clever and smart out of touch
as whether or not she will listen a thrill to be kissing
her lips, we may stay friends this may depend on missing
dinner today he’s a winner that play lotto this girl’s body
hot doe he’s gonna need a plot and logo life look spotty
For lyrics he crave spirits were brave want cake and pie but
The stakes are high to make mistakes not fly will try a cup
Of sex with hurry up features hairy like furry creatures
Known as thugs he be home and to the club talk to teachers
Also, clever at many a party but if ever anybody discover
Exactly why he came they would laugh need Barcardi and a lover
Sweaty and fear ready to disappear it’s clear he needs a chick
He see a girl bizaare and inexplicable want her in the car quick
Body lick-able, she has plenty cake well at any rate he must trap
Her with sweet rap and try get a little bit she can’t trust his lap
Too much lust perhaps and from mattresses dust fly and crap
She’s got breast flavor and he’s on his best behavior, oh yes
a major love affair, live and learn at the crib be concerned test
the water wanna bless this daughter with love talk, her lace
and hips fly like space ships in the sky he wanna embrace

her waist and taste her honey


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May 11, 2006
Her waist and taste her honey

I bet her boyfriend knows she’s a chick with butter he stack
One brick upon another use mad words then add a third back
Up and see what he’s building, bring the thunder and weather
And wonder whether it’s enough; sometime strut butt in leather
Skirt and never flirt out of control, one hasty glance could really
Lead to a tasty romance, I bet her love is bigger no doubt silly
To have to figure it out, I bet he go savage and end with a low
Average of satisfaction ahead from action in the bed its loco
How she must kiss his lips, she probably wants an affair sincere
While she prepare for a career of love, I bet a sex number here
In a hummer could be a good fast ride and would be classified
As backseat sex and facts complete the complex puzzle can’t hide
Her emotions her boyfriend wanna ride on oceans that involve
Wet sheets, she’s sweet and distinguish, speak English and bob
Her head to the music her boyfriend use it to get her wet and hot
He could be a grad from college with mad knowledge but do not
Apply it she’s sitting there with mad pie to git he’s ready to knock
Her boots with a plot and absolute goal, oh he jest talk and hound
While she walk around with a gown on, in the bedroom be down
Body being shook is big enough heat to cook a pig she’s a raw cute
Legal like a lawsuit, I bet her kisses are design to find a list of brutes
On timelines doing nickel and dime crimes but her mind look pass
That wanna a boyfriend with class and stats and that could be a task
Within itself, she has all that’s necessary the stats and breasts very
Full jest milk in silk body built like a ship and her boyfriend on every
Guilt trip there is he wants her naked passion, her body jest smoking
Cake on an open plate she’s hoping to escape he sweet talk joking
Around, wanna grab her body taste it and place it on the bed her red
Lips soft and her window sill wet and her milk hasn’t spill yet he’s fed
Sex and cake prevail as she waits to exhale deeply in bed
Her thing so boss and wet soft like velvet, she lose sleep
If she don’t choose a sweet boyfriend it’s hard she keep
Looking doe I bet her boyfriend has a twisty flow while

Her lips a misty glow nightly boss has a slightly soft smile


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Aug 20, 2010
Um you know
I like that slightly soft
Smile you be making
In the love oven you say
Some true pound it in your face cake
That choice of just right
The recipe having to be branded
One slight hard up curl
Can mean a strike of motions going unnoticed
Only if we could replay this scene again
As knowing already where to go
With this flow as one goes in the other curls
My bufriend will know how to evidently be even so
Slight soft
As only you can be with some semi colored soft pound me down cake


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May 11, 2006
thanks candeesweet nice comeback girl

“Look boo your essential flirting is causing a mental burden
Got headache looking at the red cake on your kissers hurting
Me bad, my ideas traveling like a whirl wind want you to be
My girlfriend can hurl and spin my mattress so don’t try flee
Cum fly with me wear bling we can share these wings I see
Deals that’s clever and now feel better got a steel lever known
As a stick shift take a quick sniff of perfume and we gone
Home for action got four on the floor that girls adore galore
It’s a 63 galaxy fast back which is a class act never a bore
Cragar mags laced these haters’ drag race invaders with dew rags
Prepare a dance want an affair in romance the air have
A glance of love, hair in a trance rub on wave grease grabs
A comb vocab strong we can eat crabs while home alone
Got a bold passion a little old fashion you have on a fluff
Skirt with enough flirt make jokers breaks their neck stuff
Get so wet in bed, this a fine way to celebrate Valentine Day
So we in the club to begin love to ask for sex is a fine way
To a tall boast in almost every other respect butter can correct
My behavior, love talk dialect is major keep my emotions in check
Sweaty and ready to scatter lace on a database, low friction in the position
Of being your fancy lover and like Danny Glover this could be tradition
In the Color Purple Brother Urkle, Oprah and Harpo this is fact not fiction
My true perm add new terms to the word hairdo can’t compare you to
Other chick your butters are thick can smother the quick hormones due
For sex, ready to touch the city with a search committee my game extreme
Need a dame with cream even if I have to go mainstream she probably scream
When having sex and grabbing the kotex at the same time need a wobbly queen
My task double don’t ask for trouble love gospel divine impossible to find
It’s a needle in a haystack kisses feeble so I stay back, girl your hips designed
For the club I may slip and fall in love wanna kiss your lips and hug boo
Your skirt color is becoming alert how your butter be humming overdue
For a shoulder to lean on I’ve become bolder in a dream zone I see a dame
Free from blame you the key to my game with you my world be tamed

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