Chief Elder Osiris : Mind Control Of Black People

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    Mind Control Of Black People

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Listen Beloved, when the instruction came from your Divine First Way Ancestors informing you that there will come a Time when all knowledge of your Divine Self will be made to fade away from the Mental activity of your Thinking ability, and in Time you will be required to Know Thyself again, in order to bring Civilize order back to the Black World and yes you do now ignore such requirement of your self.

    So, the Black World is the First World on this planet and is the world made now to be ignorant of our Black selves, so not until the Black World come to regain possession of the Black Mind way of Thinking again, the Black Human Being World will remain a victim of Mind manipulation, which is a sickness of the Black World, which mean, as long as the Devilish Human Being remain in a capacity to control the Mind of the Black World, then Evil will prevail on the earth, and Domination of both Worlds will continue to be the Global objective and Goal of Lucifer the Human Being.

    It took Lucifer Myriad of Time progression to learn the method of Mind controlling the Black World, because the Mind that had to be dealt with by Lucifer was in fact a Mind of Greater sophistication than the Mind of the Human Being, and had to be carefully studied before approaching the Mind of the First World, a Mind Divine and with different Solar orb vibration that was in more acquaintance with a different constellation of stars and planets than that of this solar system we live in today.

    So the Social stratum and strategy had to be more of a conning design approach than the common propaganda approach used today by the present social psychologist today, Lucifer social theorists, because it require a different approach when dealing with a Divine Mind than when dealing with a profane Human Being Mind, the latter is more approachable to control than the former was, the former mind belonging to the First Divine World upon this planet.

    The First Thing you must know, is that a Divine Mind is what guide a Divine body and the internal action that is in full operation is of such Divine precision until Evil to be profane is not a part of the Divine design Mind Spirit, it being that which is caused to be manifest by the action of the Body Life living expression.

    Divinity is a Natural revelation of the body action, and evil profanity is an acquired manifestation by the body external expression, and in Divinity, Evil is not known, therefore evil is not expressed, and is unrecognizable by a Divine Mind of such prime Time that was occupied by our cosmic Divine Ancient First Way Ancestors, when our Ancient first Way Ancestors was in the motion of living a Divine Life on this planet Earth, as the Human Being have it not to be known by the Mind Manipulated Black World, which is the world I am primarily concern with today.

    So you must come to see, the First World had to be conquered by the Human Being, before the Human Being could set out with their Earthly plan to dominate and control all life action upon this planet Earth, because Lucifer Knew where the Greater Force Of Power rest upon this planet, as it to be acted out upon this planet, and Lucifer knew that such Divine power did in fact rest in the Mind of the First World of Divine Nightly( Dark, Black) Pigmented Shaded Beings.

    No Beloved, this Divine information can not be founded by your conditional way of researching for the Fact that identify Truth and Reality which require that you be in the dimension of your Divine Spirituality, a dimension where you are mentally functioning in Harmony, Order, and Balance with the nature of the Universe.

    You with your Mind being controlled by the Human Being Lucifer, you look for all things to be written in order so that you may be informed about those events that have and do affect our lives, such is the way Lucifer who has taught you to not to be able to find that which is Divinely True and real.

    Here you Black people are, you act in looking for so call scientific fact of Truth, believing Truth and Reality is all external and that which is external is only an illusion of that which is True and Real, Divine Fact of Truth and Reality in founded internally, requiring a Divine Mind method of Thinking and not believing, in order to recognize that which is Divinely True and Real, concerning the Divine Essence (GOD), Universe, and your Divine Self.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Today, it is with certain caliber of Black people, that it is not possible for certain mental level of Black people today, to know, just to believe, but to believe is what prevents a people now referred to as Black and Human from knowing that they could have ever carried the Germ of Divinity, which caused the Divine Seed of Universal Infinite Knowledge to be in the core of the Soul of that deep shaded provided Body, that which was functioning with a Divine Mental action, a body that is of the Divine Perfect Night, which requires of you, that your Mind not be controlled by none other than your Black Divine Self, Beloved..

    So you Black people can not see today the potential we carry of being qualified to move, act, and live Divinely, we being in a Mental state of Peace and Joy, and because of the fact that the Human Being Lucifer has control of the Black Mind today, we look at all things Lucifer has so deemed to be True and False with a mind of deception and with the looking eyes of perceived illusion, all generated by and in the blinding light of Lucifer the Human Being imperfection, and with a conning act of use of vain ego, envy and jealousy, the trinity of all evil.

    Yes beloved, we Black people are made to sleep walk using our Manipulated Mind that is under the control of Lucifer the Human Being, along with all of his Devils and Satan's, attributes of expression of Lucifer, the three spirit of evil deceiving expression being One and the Same.

    So, there is no Divine wonder why it is that the Black world act and behave as we do today, it is because the Black Mind no longer function Divinely, because it is under the control of the Human Being Lucifer, they who came and Deceived the Black Divine World, with all of their conning, deceiving, and evil pretending, as they bowed before our Divine Ancient First Way Ancestors, they who were not acquainted with such an evil conning Spiritual display, used to deceived the First World Of This Earth.

    Yet it is to be known that Evil will never be the victor over Divinity, because as all things Divine was before Evil, all things will be again, present in its Divine state of being, meaning the First World to be upon this planet, is to be First once again, that is, if the other world upon this planet Earth is to be saved from its own self destruction, which will effect all worlds upon this planet Earth.

    So you must see, if your Mind is not functioning in the freedom of your Divinity, it does not matter what quantity of Material you have in your possession, because you become the most danger of a slave than those of us that is without such false sense of security, and is in search of the Divine Knowledge that is capable capable of teaching us about who we Black Folks really are, because not until the regaining of such Divine Knowledge, will we be able to become the Divine Authority of our own Black Divine Life.

    So you must see, a Mind under the control of Lucifer can not see the Divinity of Reparation, can not See Afrika as it originally was, and can not see Black people ever being perfectly Divine and free upon this planet, because a Mind under control by Lucifer, is a Mind of Lucifer, and you are Mentally drilled to believe as Lucifer teach you to believe, and that is to hate your Black transformed Human Being made to be self, you now being a danger to your individual self and thus, unto the Black Collective First World.

    I know, to the Mind under control by Lucifer, this I share with you, before your believing deceiving eyes, you make claim of it to be no more than Mystical perception, simply because it reveal the Black Mind before its made to be fall from its Divine active performance, and a profane mind can not look and be qualified to see the Truth and Reality that a Divine Mind is qualified to see, it being the Truth and Reality of the Divine Essence, both Universe, and the you of the Self, Me, and I, of the Divine Black Being.

    So what we do, we wallow in the profanity of our own ignorance, making claim to believe what is of the Devil, is True and Real, as we marvel in our state of oppression in a depression of self ignorance, believing we do a disservice to those who defy Lucifer and his action of controlling the Mind of The First World, by showing arrogance disrespect and profane ignorance toward that which is not recognized to be Divinely True, you the Black world made to be the third world, locked in the Religion of Lucifer, the key that control the lock to the Mind of Black People today.

    Not unless we Free Our Black Mind, will our life be subject to be spared from the calamity to come upon the lives of this evil Religious deceiving lying world, because it is the First World that was absent of religion, that is capable of saving the outer world, and it is both world that Lucifer is out to dominate and control under a unicameral global governing parliament, ruled by a few evil filthy wealthy Lucifer Human Beings, dominated by Luciferian white men in power today, mixed with a sprinkle of diverse ethnicity.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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    Really and truly if your objective is to teach something that is religious-less,then u should not use "religious" examples.

    "Lucifer" and "Jesus" were both created by the same for the same, in an effort to cause separation

    The beginning of the "holy" war started at the beginning of linear time

    There was a "time" prior to manifested time, where all of this non sense is non existent

    No religion has any honor, and has not manifested in the way it should have

    We must return to a non time when creation was an idea, and the the Goddess' conceptions are made to be true in real, linear time

    Isis.... and all the rest at a 5 count is still manifested by the "man" for the man

    If the Goddess is not restored all will fail

    So take that to the bank.. lol

    A truth movement is in order, and the truth will come to light

    Everyone can continue to play these games but the truth of the matter is that no one was ever thrown out of anywhere

    The choice was made to come here less the perfect, and still there is an opportunity for perfection

    It is not RIGHT for a woman spirit to come here and contain a mans body

    and vice versa

    It throws the balance off and was not suppose to be that way

    Time reveals that

    Much peace, honor love and respect.

    Really how long do u think they can manifest artificial intelligence

    Again there is no such thing as "ignorant intelligence" either u know or u don't

    And to pretend is a concious choice to do the opposite of what nature dictates, as nature should be the only dictation

    And not all u crazy *** men