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    MIND--The Mind is the receiving process of all information that come from the Soul and Natural occurrence in our physical Life, The Mind is the Energy extension of the Soul. (osiris)

    --- The body serve is the Temple that House the Inner going on inside the Body and on the outside it receive the physical injurious as a result of the Mind decision being made about all it See and Looking at, which bring into play that which is associated to the Body senses.(osiris)

    --The Spirit is the Result of the Mind action, which generate an Attitude and Behavior based on the Mind action of decision making, meaning that the Spirit is the Expression of the Mind Action that develop into an Attitude and Behavior, expressed by Body Action.(osiris)

    SOUL--The Soul is the Center of your Life, It give you the ability Know and Understand the Information that is in constant Flow to what we call the Mind, which is no more than an extension of the Soul, in other word the Soul is the Nucleus Energy of your body, endowed with information that come from the Essence of All That Is and All That Is Not, It is your Life Source.(osiris)

    I am not sure if this should be posted in the Spirituality thread.