Black Poetry : MIND BLOWN


Dec 17, 2012
Would you make love to me?
Would you caress my heart, my mind
And make love to my insecurities?
If I told you I want you
to make love to me
emotionally arresting my soul
molding, holding my mentality.
If I told you, would you
Seduce my being
The core that causes my heart to sing
In those times I'm longing.. ....for you.
Would you....make love to me?
Accepting this, this thing I don't understand but arrest the plan that is there in my mind remembering to never forget that I want you.
Would you make love to me, mentally taking me on a journey heightening my senses without touching me. Seriously, I want you to make love to me. Giving me mind blown ecstasy. An orgasmic charge to large to contain it's source within. Exploding from the big O, what a feeling! If I told you I want you, would you make love to me? Would you slow me down and turn me around and simply say to me:
Yes, I will make love to you. Giving you something so pure tailored made just for you. I will make love to you, your mind a rare form of a jewel waiting to be formed and shaped by my words of pleasure, a divine treasure waiting to be unlocked and only I hold that key, yes me. Only I can unleash that burst of ecstasy that is deep within. Yes, my love I will be honored if you told me to make love to you.


Well-Known Member
Jan 28, 2001
the near north

I remember a time, way back in the day
When blowing minds was my running forte
But blowing minds wasn’t the thing I was good at
Can still smell the flava of all the poontang I’ve had
No…I’m not a Balla, in that sense of the word
So, forget all the BS stories you’ve heard

Make love to your what…you won’t have no insecurities
I’ll show you how a strong black woman is supposed to be
Won’t try to change you…I’ll build on what’s there
Show you a future you’ll be willing to share
Not necessarily with me, but that could be one choice
Let me drown in the sea of your wonderful voice

You can’t emotionally arrest what’s sweet and serene
Won’t tell you no lies. Won’t ply you with bling

I’d do it like this

follow me:

It was a COOL night

We sat on the deck of our home
Playfully teasing each other
While gazing at the stars
As mellow jazz breezed through the speakers

Your laced panties
Slowly descended sculptured thighs
Revealing…Swollen lips that oozed WOMAN JUICE
Its scent assuaged my senses
As your excitement sang songs of
“COME…taste this.”

You are indescribably delicious
And, yet…tasteless
So intoxicating is the aroma of your scent
The most
Odor in the world
~ For a man ~
Is that of a well-kept

It is a scent that
Excites the male senses
It is the spark that ignites the flame
Awakening subtle reactions
To its consequential action
Stimulating sexual nerve endings
Activating yearnings
That send emergency alert messages
To mind, body, and soul


The Jacuzzi beacons us

Feeling mischievous
We slip into the churning waters
Playfully reaching for each other

Kenny G’s “song birds”
Now blowing through the speakers

Pulling you close, I hold you
Softly caressing your outer regions

You turn your back to me

As you lean over the side
You push your tush gently into me
All-so-innocently rotating your hips
Til I dipped lower

With an opening of your thighs
You invite me into your den of delight
Juicy wet
But snuggly tight

(it was the expression on your face that told me where you were)

Johnson stood at the entrance of yunni
Ready and willing for the next step…to happen
When crown intrudes upon moistening folds
Invading (exploring) the depths of
Your treasure trove

Yunni’s glove-like fitness
Increases the sensitivity
Of your inner-muscled activity
As heightened pleasure
Leads to profound delight

I fight for each moment I’m in you
…On you
In contact with you

A mating chant
Crossed luscious lips
As your hips did a sensual
While pushing into me

You held me deep

I wanted to scream
P L E A S E ! ! !
As you MASTERfully massaged
Mister Johnson
From CROWN to base
All trace of inhibition
Happily dissolved into
As your quest for

You bathed me in natural oils
That spoke of the “spoils of pleasure”
Offered to the invader of
Nooks and crannies
After the eye-candy
Melts away

As I settled in
Your hips took up an east-west
North-south kinda rhythm
With a rotation at the end

(there was a moan)

I thought it was you
But as I realized my slippage
I flopped
…tried to stop
But all restraint was LOST
And I gave myself over to the sensation

Then the pounding came
…the huffing and puffing
The heartbeat rushing
Skin-smack soulful dancing
‘Til “yunni” gave a standing “O”
Our bodies drenched in sweat

You tried to control yourSELF

But PLEASURE wasn’t having it
And your body began to writhe
As your stomach muscles contracted
And you acted like you’d never had ANY before

I made love to you

‘Twas a trembling in your voice
That accompanied the “moan”
That generated the “sigh”
That announced the “cry:”

O, Baby! Why art thou treating me so nicely?

Body quaking
Gasping for air
Wanting to scream but wouldn’t dare

As the tremors in your stomach
And thighs
Began to subside
You released me

I tried to stand
But standing wasn’t good
In the shape I was in
Could not comprehend
A vertical stance

So, I lay there
Pressing down into you
As you held me, Tightly
Biting me

‘Til the tempo decreased
…the rooting ceased
The heart stopped excessing
The blood stopped racing
And engorged parts returned to their normal inflation

I made love to you

But it wasn’t as if
Was the only thing we did

I shared a special part of me
…a special moment with you
Loved you with my voice
…My touch

I loved every part of you
Even the “innermost feelings” of you

It’s true

I quieted your cries with kisses to the eyes
And wiped each tear track away

I moved gentle hands over silken skin
As I bent to the will of your heart

I made love to you

I didn’t have to ask “How was it?”

The expression on your face told me that

We made love

We tested the waters of
Physical intimacy

And we survived

We explored the realm of
Karma-sutra styled loving
And all its possibilities

And we thrived

We made love

And caressed
And made a mess
Of every room we blessed
With our care-free love and happiness.

We held hands

~ As we looked into each others eyes ~
And cried

We made love

I tasted your tongue
…Your nipples
Your yunni
As I EXploRED the regions
Of your g-SPOT
Felt the quiver of your heart
As your insides turned out

I touched the heart of your soul
And…Refused to let go

I made love to you



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May 25, 2001
Sixburgh, Pa.
Spreading Joy.... need some?
Hello 1svd2svr,

I can relate to a desire to be made love to
thoroughly, outside and inside...leaving
nothing untouched by love. Very nicely expressed!


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