Black Poetry : Milk 1 and 2

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    Detectives say, "no such thing as coincidence."
    For the sake of eveything having a resoning aspect of convenience.
    Well have u ever on this plain seen an upside down up?
    Now that abbreviations are our choice now.
    Well here you go: dn
    A coincidence maybe made for the time being.
    But the aspects of as above so below been around seein'
    What their is to overstand is things stay the same
    With the same energy fields surrounding this
    Pressure going round & round for our sake of survival
    Coincidences happen to happen. Facts are made to be seen as truth done.
    Not done in time.
    All things take on a revelation of becoming just right in time
    Made to be enveloped until we live with
    As above so below.
    Hiking up the reason
    Nothing about this body has changes.
    Tits above
    As* below
    Feedings of a child.
    A womans nature of recovery right in the forefront.

    Ignore this rant if "need" be, real.

    They may coincide
    But being coincidental.
    Well go on & get them teeth fixed.
    To coincide w/ each other correctly.
    The chip here chip there is purposeful.
    Gap here Buck there coincides with birth.
    Family tradition of putting a coin inside them 2 front teeth.
    Being dam forever.
    Milked to our likings.