Black Entertainment : Mike Epps gets knob twisted and baby

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    Mike Epps gets knob twisted and baby

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    Mike Epps is doing a “not my baby”. According to various sources, a woman is taking Mike Epps to court for a paternity test. Epps , who is married, dose not want to take the test. Epps is a famous comic from the Next Friday and a Def Comedy Jam host.

    Some inside sources are saying the female involved performed turkey basting with Epps' DNA. Although Epps did not have intercourse, he may have received the world famous groupie show shine. After receiving this shoe shine, Epps should have made the groupie take a Listerine strip. The strip would have killed all of Epps' DNA and, he would not be in the situation.

    ******************** contacted Take-A-knee for his comments. Take-A-Knee is an ex turkey basting mid wife for groupies. Take-A-Knee first promoted his new DVD titled, “Clearing your DNA from the groupie hiding areas without catching a charge or getting sued”. After the brief promotion, he made the falling comment. “Bamas will never learn and please most good groupies are college educated and are working on their Masters. A lot of these high profile people don't stand a chance. Epps has supported this theory”.