Black Poetry : midnyghts son 2

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    Running in place like I’m on life’s treadmill...
    Going nowhere, but still running, because if I stop...
    Life will throw me off the back end
    I wonder why I am the way I am
    I can’t explain myself because I don’t understand it all
    I know myself inside and out, yet I’m like a stranger to myself....
    Matters that have no relevant meaning to me at all
    weigh down my mind and burden my heart
    my life is in total disarray, yet I pity the homeless and hungry
    I have no money, yet I feel sorrow for the needy
    I have no love in life, but I sympathize with the lonely
    I’m backwards but at the same time, moving forward...
    At a rate not many can pace
    my mind, heart, and soul are all expanding at a rapid rate
    the smallest things can have the greatest impact on people...
    if they allow themselves to open their minds and really think..
    What is life?
    Is it money, fame, success, popularity?
    these petty things are destroying the moral fabric of today’s society
    in my life, they are below honesty, integrity, and loyalty
    What is true happiness?
    It differs for many people...for me it is love..
    As much as I like the feeling of being involved with several women at once...
    It keeps me from adhering to any one of them,
    therefore when I go to sleep at night, I have empty memories....
    Along with an empty bed
    I need one woman that rekindles the flame in me
    when the coldness of life extinguishes it
    along with love, what makes me happy is learning, and sharing that which I learn
    the only problem is that no one is receptive to my subjects of study...
    Like human characteristics and patterns, and why we do what we do.
    I delight in helping others for some reason...
    To cause a smile is one of the best feelings to me
    in spite of my love for life and for others, my own life is meaningless in my opinion
    my thoughts are gloomy and foreboding
    I used to live for Midnight, but even darkness brings misery now
    light is still my enemy, but darkness is a deceitful friend.......
    I have no one to turn to for solace
    I find consolation in isolation, it’s not healthy...
    But I have no alternative
    solitude is comforting in it’s own bizarre way
    silence can seem so loud when there’s not a bunch of ambient noise
    meditation is a lost art, people are afraid of their own thoughts
    I embrace my perceptions be they bad, or good
    because they are ME...
    Is everyone losing their identity?
    I welcome my eccentricities because they are what defines me
    I’m blind to prejudices and try to look past people’s outer shell
    it’s like we all have invisible walls erected to keep anyone from getting too close
    nothing wrong with being private but we shouldn’t mask our true personalities
    behind drugs, alcohol, and forced facades
    everyone wants to be a player in the game, but no one plays by the rules
    we fabricate our own false code of morals and use that to get by in life
    I see the same things everyone else sees, but in a totally dissimilar way
    I know this from conversations with my friends and family....
    I’m spiritual but a sinner, a lover without a beloved
    I’m free from society’s trap, but a prisoner of my own heart
    I listen with my ears, but prefer to speak with my actions
    I’m afraid to be alone, yet I welcome solitude
    I learn from my mistakes, then go make new I’ll never stop my education
    I need to learn more patience, yet I don’t have the time to
    I love to be challenged, but I can’t defeat depression
    I’m a labyrinth of confusion, undirected passion, and intensity
    I seek guidance but don’t know where to get it
    other than from God, and I won’t allow him to direct my path....
    Why would I turn my face from the light?
    I think I grew to accustomed to obscurity and darkness
    my life is routinely chaotic...because I crave something that barely exists:
    True Love

    Derrick H.
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    surely if u look which u came into da master's glow
    only their u will fine solace & peace
    nice piece of art......flow on!
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    whooooooooooo!! brother u're deep

    welcome welcome welcome welcome :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave:

    somehow you captured exactly how i feel that's real :)

    pd :toast:
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    thank you poetic...feels good to know i'm not totally alone!!!
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    social worker...
    Hey Derrick H. its sounds like youre a beautifull ""HUMAN""
    and poet .......

    and you are defenately not alone! brotha

    and uhh remember "the path"" is just there its you who walks it and chooses witch way to go...........