Black Poetry : Midnight Taste


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Jan 29, 2001
after everybody went to bed
me and Bootsey saw the coast
was clear and we tip toed
down the hall, quiet as we could

trynna keep from bustin up laffin

but the madness growing inside
of us was making us crazy
cause we wanted it like right now
at the same time we knew
we'd savor every drop
and make it last

Bootsey's a big guy with
a healthy appetite
and even though
he's not really selfish, he can
be greedy and I was
a little nervous cause we were
trynna keep so quiet, he might
rush up and get his before I got mine

especially cause it be so good

most times I let him have his
way, well, cause it works out when
I give him generous portions
I can't lose cause he shares
that much more...he breaks
me off...
see we both like the same things

especially the juicy parts

no, I can't say Bootsey's stingy
because he makes sure I
get my fill...I mean, if there's
any left sticking to the bottom or
around the sides, he lets
me lick it clean...(one of my favorite things)
he likes to watch me, too

cause it be so sweet


in the middle of the night
after everybody in the house
was sleep, Bootsey took me
by the hand and we tip toed
in the dark down the hall

and got our grub on in the kitchen :wink:

SAY WHAT???????

Awwwwwwww Shookie, Alyce!!!! DAYUM you know how to work the mind sis!!!!! ..and y'all was only goin to the kitchen to get yo....SAY WHAT?????? LOL

You mischievous as a MUG Alyce! You know you had me in knots on dis one!!! waitin for the KLYMAX!!!!! You just have a way of keepin us hangin all on da edge down to da last...then you drop us off!!!!!

TIGHT AS HEYELL... you brought it, sis, as came widit! :D

(I'm not for sure if I need to roll over and go back to sleep from "eating" too much this late at night)



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