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    This is a technique I have been using lately from Mantak Chia that is helping to open up my energy centers, check it out. This version is from Michael Frost and Wayne Chandler, students of Chia

    Opening the Microcosmic Orbit is the first stage in “wiring” the body and is followed by opening other routes so your body can handle more energy. When you open more routes the vital organs will be able to receive and contain more energy.

    Activating the Microcosmic Orbit

    You need to relax to do any meditation. I sit in a comfortable position and use a technique of visualizing my body parts and mentally telling them to relax. Do you already have a favorite technique? If so, that’s the one to use. Any method used to relax your body and mind is the best one to use.

    Once you are relaxed, direct your attention to your navel chakra. With a gentle concentration visualize this chakra generating energy as a golden light. Once you feel the energy gathered there maintain the golden light in it as you bring your attention down to the sperm/ovary palace. With the same gentle concentration as before, visualize this chakra glowing with a golden light. When the energy has accumulated here proceed downward in the same manner to your perineum chakra. Bring your attention to this area and visualize the golden light glowing from within this chakra. When you feel the energy activating the chakra at your perineum maintain the golden light in this and the two previous chakras as you move up to the base of your spine at the sacral pump or coccyx. Bring your attention to this chakra center visualizing it glowing with a golden light as you did at the other centers. Continue up the spine in a similar manner bringing your attention to each chakra center on the diagram above.

    Remember to skip Gia Pe and Ta Chui.

    Bring your attention to the chakra center at the base of your skull. That’s your cranial pump at the medulla oblongata. Feel the golden light glowing from within as you maintain the light at the previous chakra centers. Once this chakra is activated move your attention up to your crown chakra. Visualize the golden light being generated within this center. Maintain the golden light as you move down your forehead to the mid-eyebrow or pituitary center and bring your attention there.

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