Omowale Jabali : Michelle Obama Speaks

Verbatim said:
Physically, she straight. She aint as fine as everyone be saying. But a Queen nonetheless ragardless of her CFR involvement.
Can't view this movie cuz my computer is just slow, however in response to verbatim,
I think she's beautiful. What you think is a matter of your own opinion. Beauty is not just skin deep.
Anyhow, ain't trying to make no one mad.
just keeping it real.
What would you prefer to see Michelle look like?
The fact that she could possibly represent as a first lady makes her beautiful.
Her poise and grace is beautiful.
Her smile and everything is beautiful.
She shines from inside out cuz she's beautiful.
I honestly don't see that in Hillary but hey, what can I say?
Being black is beautiful.

But I guess you can't make everyone happy.

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