Black People Politics : Michelle Obama Comes Under Attack?

Goddess Auset333

Feb 9, 2007
Michelle Obama Comes Under Attack?

Many of us are noticing that there is really and truly an attack on the value, worth, and importance of Black women in the lives of prominent men. It has gotten so bold that Angelina Jolie is playing a Black woman, 70 percent of Black women are living without spouses, the vast majority of our children are growing up in a single mother household, sixty percent of Black men who earn over $100,000 annually are married to non-Black women, and now a group of White people have created, produced, and distributed a music video that insults Presidential hopeful's Black wife, Michelle Obama; who is now the newest Black women to come under attack to soon be unmated.

Before anyone writes me to tell me the ever-popular notion that supports a cowardly and ignorant point of view that "it doesn't matter", I'm here to tell you that it better matter quick because the attack on Black women or shall I say, "Nappy Headed Hos" is moving full speed ahead.

Yesterday, while watching Fox News, there was a story about a group of college White students who are posing as Barack Obama supporters that produced a music video called "I Got a Crush on Obama" featuring a sexy White chick lip singing because she was recruited from to act in a music video.

Apparently, the Jewish looking female vocalist just wasn't sexy enough to persuade a response from the public or to get Barack Obama's attention they had to use a dummy to pull off this mind-twisting insult.

This video hails Mr. Obama as some type of sex symbol Mandingo that is swooning White women and White people with his sexiness and not his intellect nor his integrity. Forget that Mr. Obama is running for the most powerful job in the world, the Presidency of the United States of America, and put aside that he has a Law Degree from Harvard University and was the only Black President of the prestigious Harvard Law Review, plus voted in as the ONLY Black Senator in the United States Senate among many other notable accomplishments has now been reduced down to being the object of White women's sexual desire.

The scantily dressed White woman with the name of "Obama" on her butt must be to let Barack-ster recognize that she and the producers are aware that Black men like *****, or just in case, he's a tits man, her blouse is tight, especially around the breast area. Furthermore, there is zero mention of Michelle Obama nor his two Black daughters as if they don't even exists, or soon won't, because he is now on White women's radar.

You see, I've been watching Barack Obama and I was very interested in how he was going to handle the Don Imus incident; he came to Black woman's calling by saying "Don Imus should be fired" and then his ranking fell about 10 percentage points. I guess he was suppose to appease Whites by not taking offense that an old White man called a group of innocent Black female college students playing in a championship tournament, "hard-core hos" and "nappy headed hos". I never once heard Anna Nicole Smith or Paris Hilton being called "hos" of any type, especially "stringy headed hos", even though it is widely known that those White women have been very public exhibiting "whorish" behavior.

Of course, any President, despite his race or gender, must be a President for all American citizens, it's nice to know that a Black man running for President has enough sense and pride to realize that to insult innocent Black women on the purity that they are simply Black females is a slap and insult to all Black women, young, old, rich, poor, educated or uneducated. And to think some Whites have stopped supporting him due to him taking a stand that protects the image of his wife and his children is somehow less American, lets me know that racism is alive, growing, and inevitable hungry to keep Black inferiority THE status quo.

And to add insult to injury, the group of 4 White people appearing on Fox News who produced this raunchy, insulting, and belittling video had the nerve to act like the video was made out of love for Mr. Obama and would actually help him win the office of Presidency. I guess the diminishing of Black female worth is so low that during the interview not one of them mentioned Michele Obama at all, just a scroll across the screen as an after thought wondered how she would feel.

Maybe Fox News received my many emails complaining about the insult to Mrs. Obama. Then, there was the question asked if Hillary Clinton was behind this video to discredit Mr. Obama, and one of the producers responded with a slippery and shady "no comment" paraphrase.

Now sistahs of the Black Woman's Movement, (if you haven't signed up, please do so today because we are in phase one of gathering up the troops-tell all your friends), we must not get upset with Barack Obama over yet another White woman chasing after a Black man of prominence, he had absolutely nothing to do with the creation and distribution of this degrading video. As a matter of fact, Mr. Obama's camp has made no comment, but was urged to contact the producers and praise them for insulting his wife and his prestige. What the heck? You see, there are trick bags all over the place and this is just some bait to see if Barack-ster would be weak and dumb enough to insult his family by being flattered with such filth and attention diverting plots that he would praise a fake singing sex-pot that was hired to perform a duty. I'm not even sure the actress hired is a real Obama supporter.

Lastly, check out this comment that I received from youtube, "if Obama is a true black man he would dump his colored girl wife and shack up with a blonde lady".

Black men are getting clowned all the time due to their continual abandonment of Black women, because you know only a TRUE racist would use the word "colored" to describe today's Black woman.

Black women must be on the same page with understanding what is feeding our epidemic singleness. Furthermore, I'm receiving comments after comments about non-Black women stealing Black men from Black women-it has truly gotten way out of hand.

If you don't' believe me, then visit my website: www.BlackWomenNeedL and watch a clip from the movie Jungle Fever from 1991 and tell me that we have NOT participated in the "it doesn't matter" syndrome for far too long. It's past time for us to stand up for our rights to be loved, honored, and cherished just as much as any other woman.

Learn what we can do about it in my book, Black Women Need Love, Too! available on and if a bookstore near you doesn't have any copies on their shelves, ask them to order it-Black Women Need Love, Too! is not only a book, but an important message that needs to be spread worldwide.



P.S. Anyone remember the "call me" commercial that destroyed Harold Ford's chances of being elected to the senate??? This video is just an extension of what works to take the Black man down, so to keep the Black race inferior.


Goddess Auset333

Feb 9, 2007
Beloved Black Divine Womb-Genders:

Precious Ones, LISTEN UP, please.

We are dealing with a Woman/Womb-Gender hating World Regime.

The males who do not overstand the role of the Women/womb-gender and discards her like an old rag, is not a wise male, from GED's to PHD's.

I bow and Slaute King gods like brother Keita, Osiris...and all those brothers who know the value of the Woman/Womb-gender.

Beloved Divine Black Sistahs, if we do not know what time it is, we NOW know. Once we have been told the Truth, in that same breath/moment that is when we become responsible and obligate to Truth, and that is the same moment All excuses are gone.

A Nation will rise no higher than its Womb-Genders.

The Destiny of the womb-genders is the Destiny of the world.

What time is it NOW sistahs?

My Name is also goddess T R U T H and Reality, and I name All true Sistahs
T R U T H and Reality.
:ilu: :ilu: :ilu: TRUTH And REALITY Sistahs


Well-Known Member
Feb 9, 2006
michelle obama...

let me see if i can clarify this for you...there is a blackman running for a position that has and will ALWAYS BE held by the slave masters[as long as they are in a position of power]so why black people are we surprised when insults and other demeaning words and actions are hurled at this blackman and his family and it's gonna get worse,the power structure knows that this brother actually has a chance to win this thing so they're a little bit rattled and believe me in the coming months we're gonna be hearing some wild stuff as they try and dig up ANY little thing to smear this man.

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