Black People : Michael Jackson Tribute Show at NJPAC and Apollo Theater

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    OK, folks the anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson is coming up on June 25th. Bessie Award winning producer, Darrin Ross, has put together a tribute show in anniversary of Michael's death. This year Darrin has hired me to get the word out. I have seen the show a few times and met the impersonators Pete Carter and Jeffrey Perez, who sound and look like MJ. That is why I was delighted to come on board because I love to get behind what I know is good and "Invincible: A Glorious Tribute to Michael Jackson" is spectacular. In fact, after Lavelle Smith, Jr., Michael's choreographer for over 23 years, saw the show, he joined it and now we have the wonderful dance routines of Lavelle to look forward to at NJPAC, located at 1 Center Street in Newark, NJ, on June 13 and then again at the world famed Apollo Theater on 125th Street in Harlem, on June 19th. Michael's father. Joe Jackson, has seen it and now wants to endorse it. He is presently in Germany but hopefully will come to NY and be with us at the Apollo Theater. I will be there! I hope to you see you in either NJPAC or at the Apollo too. Get your tickets folks, this show is going to be a real Thriller. Call

    See video:
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