Black Authors : MICHAEL JACKSON – Poetry for the King

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    MICHAEL JACKSON – Poetry for the King is a collection of fifteen poems dedicated to the life, talent, struggles and passing of superstar Michael Jackson. Poems in this collection are Curtain Call, The News, Young Michael, Arguments, Fame Squared, I Never Kept Track, Not So Strange, Reasons and Flesh and Blood, No Bones, On the Run, The Goodbye, Stranger at Home, Justice for Some and Screeching Wall of Hate. All poems are original compositions by ESSENCE bestselling author D T Pollard.

    Curtain Call

    A man that was never a child
    A child that was never a man
    A legend that was still alive
    A height that only he had reached
    A fall that went so low
    A love and hate that only he could know
    A desire to be the best again
    A rocket sitting on its new launching pad
    A voice came from above
    "Rest you have done enough"
    "Let your past continue to glow"
    "It is now time for you to go"
    Michael Jackson went home

    D T Pollard