Black Relationships : MGTOW -Are you guys feeling that?


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Jan 20, 2015

Fun and funny.
Come on, what man, Black men don’t enjoy the pleasure of a/his Black Queen’s company


Oct 27, 2019
I was wondering if this is a white boy thing. First you have the MRA now you have the MGTOW. As BW we never whined like feminist did, so we would be a little impatient with these guys. But, before I cast judgment, I need someone to really explain what are they whīning about.

Where's Kem? Betcha he knows. Here we have white men, who rule the whole **** planet, yet they feel oppressed? I don't get it.

You're lying "sister"; and I say sister ligtly.

Not only did black women whine like their white feminist sisters. Black women even tried to create a whole new branch of feminism called WOMANISM. In fact, many black women are still "whining" in tandem with white feminists claiming black men are to blame for everything and that women are this and that (magical, strong, supergirls, without fault, blah, blah, blah). So lets be honest when we make our posts from now on shall we?

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