Black Poetry : Mexican Fresh Produce


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Nov 9, 2019
just got off the phone with the Mexican produce
i went to their produce market like a indigenous restaurant owner told me to
and found so many deals
so many indigenous encouraging faces and spanish conversations
spoke a little myself
they stared and smile
even helped me to get pass tongue tumbling mumbles
the energies from other indigenous people was quite humble
getting my foot in the door within the restaurant industry
was a dream at first
until my networking skills prevailed
just like Percy Miller burger restaurant in Louisiana
i be leaving my cellular phone number
trying to see what's up
but reaching out to him is tough regardless of his African American pro-stance
and back to the title at hand..
so many veggies and fruits
plus the sale of plantains gonna boost sales
from boiled to fried
slice long ways or quarter size
fried chicken wings and fried chicken pieces
marinated in Nandos seasoning
with famous sauces on the side to try
nobody knows around my area but I
and shots out to the next of kin Mexican for keeping most businesses down this way pumping in the food industry as relevant.

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