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Sep 29, 2005
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"The books mentions many different paths for different times and societies".

True. This is why one need not be an initiate in any one order to recieve the truth. To be more specific, the one thing that I did get from the "book" is that i is a system of self-initiation.


I dont need a priest or guru to teach me the meditative techniques or to decipher the meaning of the text. As far as the deities in one school being the equivalent to another I found this to be true. But I also found that for me personally I connect with The Memphite Theology and related deities such as Ptah, Sekhmet and Heru-khuti. Not Ra or Amen for Ptah was worshipped at an earlier period. I do however associate also with Het-Heru, Maat, Anubia and Auset.

To be totally honest, and some have said Im confused [maybe so] I actually got more KNOWLEDGE from reading Stolen Legacy and perhaps because it was written at an earlier period and I've had more time to digest it. Further more, I got a strong influence from Rasta and jazz musicians such as John and Alice Coltrane and typically meditate [as i did earlier tonight] listening to jazz or reggae/dub music.

Alice Coltrane is as far as I need to go into the Hindu influence. But whenever I see the words "Kabbalistic tradition" for some reason I turn off.

Brother you have my email and I may have to respond to some posts via that device. Im really hesitant, for some obvious reasons, to become silent on the "metu neter" in a public setting. Especially reading a text the other day. Its like this. I identify very strongly to heru-khuti and Auset. Its like a relationship between me and a great-aunt. She gave me instruction that I never make public. The things she taught me from "above". Some things are meant to be kept within the Family. And every brother here aint a brother, not to ME.


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