Metu Neter - Vols I - II - III : Metu Neter and You

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hiphopolx said:
Thanks everyone "EVERYONE" I feel I need to emphasize this.

I have another question?

Doesn't R.U.N.A refer to other books within his books?

The books to me relate to all of reality.

The theme of this thread Is the Metu Neter and You. All the info shared so far is well within that framework.

Let's focus on understanding all that we can within and around the truths relating to subject.

Communication is key here. But I do understand not everyone is as gifted as others in the art of comunicating. Keeping this in mind let's try to overlook, what we feel in the moment. Let's not let this fizzle out so we can get to goal here. We all need a much needed elavation of awareness of ourselves. There are 'things' holding us back within ourselves that some may realize of its presence but it is still as hidden as the dark star behind the Sirius. Others may not have a clue of it at all. So for me, I need this dialog. I also need this dialog to be just as useful to all that participate. The importance of this is due to the fact that our lives are intertwined here. More than most realize. If someone here is willing to take the time and provide some useful data that another can learn from let us see it for what it is. If the data can be modified so it can be more in tune with the truth. let us see it for what it is. But lets try to put the negative energy in check. If not for your self then for your people.


In reference to your question, he sure does. In the bibliography. And, I believe, in the footnotes. Since I now go off of memory and don't have the books in hand [they are in storage since I moved] I do remember several of Budge's books and I remember putting together all of the books mentioned and creating a section in my personal library solely for those books. And I am sure one of those books was Budge's version of the "Book of the Dead". Again, I am going off memory, so please correct me if I am wrong.

Something else. I now remember stating before that I gave volume 1 to a cousin in Philly who was attempting to start a rites of passage program for young black men and I suggested she use the metu neter. I haven't talked to her since but hopefully she found some usage.


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Walking the spiritual path is a very subtle process; it is not something to jump into naively.

There are numerous sidetracks, which lead to a distorted, ego-centered version of spirituality;

we can deceive ourselves into 'thinking' we are developing spiritually

when instead we are strengthening our egocentricity

through spiritual techniques.

-Chogyam Trungpa

"Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism"

Enensa Aunghk

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Aug 16, 2007
hiphopolx said:
My fist question about the cards are.
What aspect of God is communicating through the cards?

If you can communicate some how (meditation and/or intuit or even some other means), Do you need the readings? Or do you still have a purpose for them?

If you read the book it says that the cards communicate with the Tehuti part of your spirit. In other words that is your direct telephone line to the Tehuti sphere.

This is a good question because, remember, there are all sorts of methods or casting of lots or cards, and they don't all act as "telephones" for the same parts of your spirit or the same levels of consciousness or the same entities.
Meditation is the same- some techniques are for the Heru aspect, some are for the Seker-t aspect of your being. Another example: some meditation techniques used in martial arts and qi qong are aimed at what was called the khaibit in Kamit. I can strengthen my aura and do all kinds of things with it, but that is not necessarily the same as wisdom.

So simply because the person can meditate and get insight doesn't automatically mean that it is coming from that high part of the spirit, or that they can do it CONSISTENTLY (all day long, under any circumstances, during sleep, etc.). You have to look at what type of meditation are you doing, what are the thoughts you are putting in your mind, how are you cultivating your energy, etc.

To test this you may do readings on that insights that you get from meditation, and follow or not follow the reading.

Enensa Aunghk

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Aug 16, 2007
Good point james

The fundamental point in the book (which helps you to avoid spiritual materialism) is that the program is laid out in such a way that you have to deal with who is pursuing the material things in this world and why.

In the chapters on initiation and meditation they discuss the meditation techniques used to transform your belief system. This is very important, especially since a major pitfall comes from mistaking information for knowledge. Thinking that because you have read something that you know it.

That is a major source of "spiritual materialism".

However, that phrase seems to be sort of an oxymoron, doesn't it?


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Sep 12, 2006
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Enensa Aunghk said:
We have to remember that most people come from the background of
"reading" and "interpretation" of spiritual books or texts related to a "belief system."

The question is how have people been applying the information which is compiled in the book. There are specific mantras and an oracle system prescribed, with breathing instructions etc.

The point I am making is that questions concerning the material in the book (or any book for that matter) can be tested and verified through experience.
It was not meant to be simply read. Will reading about weightlifting increase your lean muscle mass?

If you read and digested the book you have only done less than 1/3rd of the work. You have not even begun to read that book until you have applied some of it.

So let's talk about our experiences in terms of what we have applied from this book. Has anyone actually done any of the meditations or worked with the oracle system? Has anyone followed through on it?
Thank you for this input. I think you're reveling my own faults of why I'm not getting all that I should be getting out of these books. I have been relating to wealth of self knowledge in his works. So my focus has been on that. I've tried the meditations. I do come out relaxed. I've have not done enough them repetitively so maybe this is where I'm at fault I'm not sure.
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