Metu Neter - Vols I - II - III : Metu Neter and todays Nubians?


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Jun 18, 2006
(Music Producer) - The difference between those intelligible African Americans and those that are not is intelligible African Americans can read and comprehend. The people you have grabbed are those that can read but they don’t comprehend. They cannot give the deeper meaning of the passages nor have any idea as to its relations to the big picture.

please take a second to appreciate the irony of your words here.
you are distorting the metu neter to say something it does not. myself and others have explained why your interpretations are incorrect. you have demonstrated an inability to appreciate the deeper understanding of the teachings in the metu neter. even when confronted with direct quotes that directly dismiss the sort of portrayal you are advancing; you stubbornly insist that the metu neter somehow supports your portrayal of god.
you have failed to understand the concepts of the metu neter through reading on your own; you have failed to grasp the concepts when others have attempted to explain them to you...

what other options exist?

(Music Producer) - Then why don’t you teach only that? Why do you have to teach prejudice against the Old Testament when that is NOT found in the Metu Neter and you have absolutely no resource for doing so?

i answered a question based on my understanding of ideas within the metu neter. your allegiance to a book causes you to become personally offended by ideas that contradict and undermine that book.

let's reflect on why:
you do not believe that the bible is symbolic wisdom passed down through the ages meant to convey ideas and an understanding about god. you believe the bible contains the literal words of god, among other things. your beliefs create a mental block where you cannot seriously debate or question the book you cite for much of your evidence.
you don't question the word of god, you have blind faith that the bible contains the unaltered word of god and that blind faith is your only evidence that the bible is the word of god.
noone is prejudiced against the bible; it's simply a book that does not belong on the pedestal on which you've placed it.
a person cannot speak honestly about a book that is incorrectly held in such high esteem without seeming disrespectful; however these comments made about the bible are not made in malice; but only in the spirit of advancing truth and understanding.

The Supreme Being brings fourth the awareness that its identity is the capability of being whatever it chooses to be and it is immortal, and eternal.

(Music Producer) - From the author of the Metu Neter he is outright telling you that the Supreme Being is not a limited Being.

So why do you teach that the Supreme Being cannot Speak or become authorized Words in a Book?

i really love that argument. may i use it as well:
the supreme being is not limited, thus the supreme being must be capable of existing within scooby doo cartoons. the supreme being manifests as none other than scrappy doo; and to deny this is to deny the unlimited potency of the supreme being, scrappy doo.
puppy power!!!

unlimited undifferentiated potential at that stage becomes everything. it isn't one thing. it's scrappy doo, it's this forum, it's the idea of a mystery god even though that mystery god does not exist.

to confine god to some being, withdrawn in some alternate dimension; that periodically needs to fly down and manifest to accomplish things is to put limitations on god. it is the mystery god doctrine that limits god. a god that can only work through prophets and must choose and choose again as his previous choices fail. a god that inspires the creation of religions that ultimately only betray the stated purposes and intents of this god.

realize that it is the mystery god that is limited.
forget this notion of a mystery god and realize where the true limitations and failures lie. not with god, but with man in his attempts to realize his own potential. man who looks to god for a savior when ultimately he only needs saving from himself. man who looks to god for a purpose to life when man is fully equipped to define his own purpose. this is what the metu neter is saying.

(Music Producer) - I think it is those Words that you are trying to destroy and then you can make the move to invent your own word, your own imagination, your own control, which is exactly how the New Testament is manifested.

you claim god is omnipotent, then suggest that i can somehow challenge the will of god or undermine the authority of god.
you claim that god is all present yet suggest it is somehow possible to turn away from god.
it is your portrayal of god that is self-undermining. your ideas of god that betrays the concept of omnipotence.


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Feb 2, 2006
Music Producer said:

The reason I originally posted this thread is because their were several Metu Neter promoters saying that Africans in Africa practice it today.
That may very well be the reason you posted it, but it does not change the fact that you posted false and misleading statements about the contents of Metu Neter.
It is not I misrepresenting,
That's precisely what you're doing
I am just trying to get down to the Truth.
I seriously doubt that.
In doing so I find several theories and point of views of some members that are NOT supported by the Metu Neter.
So what? That still doesn't mean that vols 1 & 2 say what you claim they do.
With their negative projection they are destroying the authors works.
No they aren't. They're exercising their right of free speech. They may be as wrong as two left feet in their interpretation, or they may be dead on point, but that is their right. What concern is it of yours anyway? You're an Old Testament man, remember?
Thank you for being upfront and honest.
You're quite welcome. When are you going to be upfront and honest and stop posting false and misleading statements about what's in the book?
The book should not be used to be the foundation of another Black Panthers or Alkyda or any group that promotes hate
Why would an Old Testament man care about how someone's else spiritual literature--spiritual literature that you don't even agree with--is being used?
From what I read of the Metu Neter it is a book of self-awareness although I disagree with it’s methodology of achieving that self-awareness
If that's what you really think Metu Neter is about, then you have some serious reading comprehension problems.
but nothing in the book is being promoted by members on this board.
If we could for the moment assume that the case, it's still a free and open message board. People have the right to post what they think the essence of the work is, as long as it is done in good faith.
I call that a misrepresentation.
It takes a misrepresenter to know a misrepresenter.
If the Metu Neter is real, true, and authorized by the Supreme Being
Within the conceptual framework of the system of spiritual cultivation taught in Metu Neter, there is no authorization by any Supreme Being. That's an anthropomorphism that's found in the Sahu religions of the caucrazy's (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam).
people that promote it would not have to lye or increase membership through false pretences as Servants of Jesus did in the days of the Crusades and as they do today.We don’t have to be like them and our religious ideals; if true, will flow and gain membership naturally
On the other hand, if it's not real or true, then people that attack it won't have to "lye" to decrease membership through misrepresenting its contents as Servants of Jesus did in the days of the Crusade and as they do today. If false, it will lose membership and die out naturally.


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Feb 2, 2006
omowalejabali said:
What I find interesting is how "Medu Neter" proponents speak of "Ra" as the principle "GOD" when in fact "Ra" was a later creation during the early Dynastic Era and even before many Kings described themselves with the title "Son of Ra' an earlier designation was "Son of Ptah".
There may very well be "Medu Neter" proponents out there who speak of "Ra" as the principle "God", but let's be very clear on one thing: the books entitled "Metu Neter" vols 1 & 2 by Ra Un Nefer Amen make no such reference to "Ra".


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Feb 2, 2006
omowalejabali said:
let me explain further....

Scientifically we can take the root "Ra" or "Rey" (Spanish, meaning "King") and come to recognize many words associated with light, or energy..."Radiation, Radiance, Ray, Radio, Radioactive.

However, speaking of "secret societies", the Masonic concept of the G.A.O.T.U., who is the closest equivalent from the first or second dynastic era?

Who was considered the "OPENER of the Way (The Path)?

Who was considered the "Grand Architect"?

Any resposes that indicate other than "Ptah" prior to the second dynasty I would like exact reference in the Pyramid Texts, Papyrus of Ani or other related SACRED TEXTS.

Sorry...."Metu Neter" volumes 1 and 2 dont meet this criteria...
That's because on the most fundamental level, Metu Neter vols 1 & 2 describe a system of spiritual cultivation, ie., a prescription for how to achieve one's highest potential in life through meditation, ritual, and the use of oracles. What it is not is a book of egyptological trivia ("who is Ra", "who is Ptah?", "who farted the most during the 18th dynasty", etc). To say that "Metu Neter" does not refer to Ptah as the "The Opener of the Way" or the "Grand Architect" is like saying the bible doesn't tell us who won the Super Bowl last year.


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Feb 2, 2006
omowalejabali said:
Interesting. Several statements here are the reason for my exact departure from the "Metu Neter" as written specifically concerning the reference or lack thereof concerning the "Aten".

The "Aten" was recognized as supreme deity even going back to Hatshepsut. When "Amen" or "Amun" was merely a LOCAL "God", long before the period of Amenhotep IV's reign.

I suggest reading the exact Liturgical reference's of Amenhotep III's period from which Akhenaten was initiated despiteclaims that he was never an initiate.

And again, I as for EXACT reference from the 18th dynasty or earlier as evidence. Not from man-written "religious texts" written some 3400 years later!
If that's the "reason" you "departed" from the Metu Neter, then you missed its aim and purpose by a country mile. Once again, it is not a book of egyptological trivia. It describes a method of spiritual cultivation (self improvement, behavior modification, etc) through the use of meditation, ritual, and the use of oracles. Within the context of Metu Neter vols 1 & 2, whether Amen was a local god or a global god, whether Akhenaten was initiated or not, etc., is neither here nor there. If egyptological trivia is what you're looking to debate, then you're barking up the wrong tree.
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