Metu Neter - Vols I - II - III : Metu Neter and todays Nubians?

Nu GeVe Neteru

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Jun 7, 2014
duA ntr n.k sn / thank Neter for you brother. In addition to your healthy arguments, I would love to be a part of the solution of using and speaking our language instead of English only. Medu Neter no doubt is the most researched and documented of our ancient languages. We have enough information to have conversations with each other even if the dialect is a bit funny. I am a student sabAty of Rkhty Amen. We are in the process of updating her instruction books to make our goal easier. Right now, there seems to be a war on black writers from the publishers and I do not think this is a coincidence. Although Medu Neter is quite complex with over 5,000 characters, I have found personally that it is easy and fun to learn the basics. Maybe I am preaching to the choir:) Sm m Htp sn anx uDA snb. From Brother Nu GeVe Neteru
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