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    Beloved KgMW Metasience, and others please elaborate on this.

    The Heart is an Organ.

    Now, let me get back to the Head and the Heart, one through its action, reveal the Mind of Learned, Educated and Revealed Thought, while the other, it being the Heart, only perform the essential task of keeping cadence performing a Harmonic Beat that keep you supplied with the stuff that cause you to be what we say, Alive.

    On breaking your heart...

    What has been created is unmet expectations!

    The berieved is in a unilateral (one-sided) contract.

    Show me where there is consideration & agreement and we can discuss the contract.

    The elements of a VALID contract:

    1. Consideration (what each is to receive)
    2. Agreement
    3. Capacity (ability to enter: legal age, "right" mind)
    4. Legality
    5. Expiration Date

    Without the above is it right to say that the heart is not broken, it is the mind that is Crack? Every action is first a SOUL-Mind-Thought. We are What We Think.

    Why is it that we say he/she broke our heart, as though we are totally exempted from what happened?

    Does it help those who blame the other to heal faster to blame the other person?

    Is is true when we give others a grip over our minds, we can expect confusions/distortion...and the likes of?

    Is one reason why we have confusion/twisted lives is because we do not know the functions of our body parts?

    Is it right to say when we do not know the Unit/Alignment/Unity of Mind, Body, Spirit-Soul we can forget about any other Unity, because it will be only a unity in the Physical (EGO) where much confusion still remains?

    When we say to countless people, they will always have a special place in our hearts, shouldn't many who say that should have had heart attacks by now? How many people can fit in the heart? How do one remove a person from their heart when they no longer say love them?

    Is there no room in the mind to maintain the thoughts of others?

    Isn't it the mind that does the checking/balancing in our lives vice the heart.

    When people say they love another with all their heart, do they have it twisted, and mean all their mind, and if they love us with all, all meaning total, all of their mind, is their room left for Thinking?

    When a person tells another they do not want (temporal) their heart broken, and if the other person is a Thinker, are they telling the person who is a Thinker they are not Thinkers?

    Why are so many people fearful of the Mind?

    Elton John

    Nobody knows it
    When I was down
    I was your clown
    Nobody knows it
    Right from the start
    I gave you my heart
    I gave you my heart

    We the People whose CORE was once Divine as the Divine Black Perfect night, and still can be again. RISE.

    Afrikans/world liberation is simple.

    0 (God)+I (self)+It (Truth)+Is (Reality)=Divine

    HIGH on GAGUT (God Almighty Grand Unified Theorem) The Blanket condemnation that destroys the oppressor's institution. Oyibo

    Afrika (us) is still Paradise in spite of Her/ (our) conditions.

    Here is loving/You Afrika.

    :qqb018: :SuN030: :SuN040:
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    Divine Goddess, Chief Elder Osiris has once again given us a taste of some bitter medicine. Bitter medicine produces strong healing.

    I know many of us remember that first heart break. It was sometime during those Teenage years, when hormones and infatuation guided our thoughts. A heart break was produced when someone said to us, "Let's break up" or "I don't love you anymore." When we speak of the "heart" in this regard, we are actually talking about the psychological system of the body, to which the conscious and unconscious coexist.

    When a mate says "I don't love you anymore" who or what is being rejected? Not the mind nor the heart, but the body itself. Then the response is "why don't you love me?" We can see the truth in this because during our Teenage years we are growing into bodies of Adulthood, and we are more critical about our physical appearance. For this reason more Teenagers commit suicide due to rejection, peer pressure and "heartbreak" - than anything else.

    Those of us who survive heartbreak, are those who override the commands of the body and the large and small intestines the "2nd brain" and find the Master consciousness within ourselves. A Mate might say "Let's break up" and because of love, we allow the emotions that follow. But we reflect away for a moment to visualize a future without them, where we are still happy, healthy and doing just fine.

    It is true that we are our own programmers. On a metaphysical level, both the brain and heart are suspect. Only because the heart and brain at times are in league with one another. The area in question, which we may refer to as the "heart" is the seat of the soul, the Solar Plexus. Now here's something many will find interesting.

    Place your hand on your navel, and think about someone you love, or are in love with, and run your hand up towards the middle of your chest. This is the area that feels the most pain due to heartbreak. It is called Heart "break" because we are spiritual beings, and a cord or bond is made with everyone we love, much like a invisible umbilical cord. When this person rejects us- the cord "breaks."

    Now, the teachings of great Spiritual Masters warn us against creating cords with Human beings. Many believe the cord between Mother and child is never broken and there is always a psychic link there. It is also said that during sex this area "the seat of the soul" is the place the produces the most energy.

    We are told that when we recognize the cord we have with Earth and Universe, our "hearts" are never broken. A never ending abundance of love continues to flood into our being forever. Yet even the most devoted Yogis still struggle with this. We are dealing with millions of years of evolution, and a system of psychological love that helps to keep couples together until their babies is old enough to survive on their own.

    We know ourselves to be very emotional heartfelt people....especially in matters of religion.

    "Heartbreak" is a poor condition here as well. And perhaps another reason why Black people are so addicted to white sugars and sweets. Again this deals with the sweet tasting substance that is fed to the child through the navel while in the womb. The sweet white milk from the Mother's breast. Somehow, it becomes this thing call Love.

    Societal rejection also leads to heartbreak. To be the underdogs, the outcasts, the ones down under. To be raised as a child hungry for attention and love. Like so many Heartbroken Women, who are heartbroken only because as young girls everyone said how beautiful they were. You're so cute, you're so adorable. And then suddenly the adoration stops as they become older. Then they'll do just about anything to hear those words again from a Man, because it makes them feel loved. And that love can be transferred to the body in the form of sweets, foods that lead to obesity and diabetes. Longing to be loved. We are heartbroken people.

    Heartbroken until we find "the head"- who or what is controlling all of this? The head is the Universe, the head is the Earth, the head is Nature. We must become connected to these things again, and mend the broken cord with Life and our Higher selves. We are heartbroken until we can kiss the Sun proudly. We kiss the Sun by allowing the rays to touch our skin, and we kiss our skin and say "I love you."

    We can experience the Human emotions of rejection, being alone or destitute or we may feel that no one is here for us, but in time we understand these are illusions we program into ourselves to justify the reality we help to create.

    Needing love is not a crime. Wanting to be adored and appreciated is not a crime either. A criminal act against our own being is asking others to do for us what we are unwilling to do for ourselves. Love me.
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    Beloved Unique Creative Divine:thinking: SEER KGMW MetaSaience
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    Truth is Loving:hearts1:

    MS: Now, the teachings of great Spiritual Masters warn us against creating cords with Human beings

    Needing love is not a crime. Wanting to be adored and appreciated is not a crime either. A criminal act against our own being is asking others to do for us what we are unwilling to do for ourselves. Love me.

    I remain humble:qqb018:in the presence of your Truthful missives.

    is Loving :SuN030:
    us :SuN030:

    It is Wise to allow Divine Truth to have Its way in us.

    I am still learning:baby: