Black People : MetaSaience-MY Shadow Shall Follow Me All The Days of My Life

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    Beloved KGMW MetaSaience:

    There is something Divine about the SHADOW.
    The SHADOW never changes color. It is Dark with all of us.

    Have you written anything on our SHADOW?

    A revelation was given to me by another,which I will not share presently.

    I can always count on my shadow.
    My Shadow Is Always with me.
    MY Shadow Shall Follow Me All The Days of My Life.
    I will Dwell in the presence of my Shadow.

    The Shadow can not be xray.
    We cannot touch or feel the Shadow, only experience its Essence presence.

    Song: Standing in the SHADOW of Love.
    Ready for the heartache to come.

    Standing in the SHADOW of me.
    Ready for all that is Divine to Come.

    Thank you

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    Greetings Goddess!

    The shadow is divine! Shadows are everywhere, and this what gives reality its detail. Without shadows, things would only appear as pale solids without outlines or textures. In essence, darkness gives light meaning.

    There are also so many mystical concepts about shadows. Your shadow is a print of your holographic self. In the tale "Peter Pan" Peter's shadow had a life of its own.

    In the Caribbean, there are tales told about a Vampire type being called The Soucouyant. Anyone from the islands should've heard a handful of stories about them. They are known for their ability to shed their human skin and transform into a ball of fire as their mode of transportation.

    What's also interesting about this folklore, is how this being marks its prey while he/she is still in human form. It may walk into the marketplace, and when it sees a person it wishes to visit later that night, it will step on their shadow.

    Some Black Elders still have a thing about that, don't step on their shadow. If a Man has issues with another Man, he might spit on that Man's shadow. Which is a great insult. Whatever you do to one's shadow, you have done to them.

    There are elements to the shadow itself we might be afraid to notice. When you can see your shadow when there is no light present, your third eye is wide awake. If you can see your shadow in darkness, you can also see the shadows of others who may stand all around.

    When "all" is in "one" its appearance is a shadow. The presence of the all casts itself as an infinite darkness we view now as the Universe.