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Miss Lady, very interesting topic. I'm sure we've mentioned psychokinesis before in different threads because I know we've talked about levitation which is a form of psychokinesis. You're asking because you've moved something with your mind? Or maybe you've throw something at someone by will alone?

a couple of weeks ago I was walking down the street.. had somewhere to be and my attention was diverted because ... someone was walking near me that I didn't want near me.... don't really know why but when we came to an intersection I happened to look and a car was coming right for me... speeding trying to make the light.... I don't know what I did I didn't panic tho.. or get even get scared.... just thought not today.... it missed just barely but I chuckled ... it all happened so fast....

I constantly remind myself not to wish negative things on people even when they wish nothing but that for me.... it seems that any time someone's intentions are not proper for me they can't hurt me.... sometimes I can feel that they want to but it don't scare me at all....

not only do these things happen to me but sometimes I can hear people talk when they haven't said anything yet....

or tell who is on the phone (not cause call id)... before it rings...

it doesn't make me scared... I just know that if you don't know what your doing u shouldn't mess.....

I try to realize my true intent prior to putting any feeling .. into the universe...

abilities are natural for me ... it's that intuition that operates me..... lacking knowledge and discipline in some capacities holds me back a bit because I never want to cause harm.....

probably touching on many topics here but lately everything been coming so fast ......
Miss Lady, fear can be used to hold us back, but understanding is used to evolve us further. It seems now you are gaining a better understanding of your abilities, and for the most part you've managed them well. Everything is coming in fast, something in our collective psyche is breaking- and those like yourself, those who have untamed psychic energy will begin to experience deeper sensations of a spiritual life, that is if fear is not allowed to tamper.

When left to develop on our own, without the presence of inner and outer fears, we become more aware of our symbiont relationship with the etheric, spiritual and cosmic worlds. For example, when we witness a Shaman levitating many feet off the ground, or the complete flight of a Vodoun Priest in the sky, or even an Elderly Woman lifting up a car to free her Husband trapped underneath- we are seeing in plain view how certain energies are channeled through our bodies, forced that respond when we summon them.

Psychokinesis/Telekinesis is based on real science, not fiction. The human body when urged by the Human brain can produce enough electromagnetic current to affect matter. Still to say "I can move objects with my mind" to some sounds like pseudoscience. Isn't the body an object we move with our minds?

Matter is held together by electromagnetic current or waves. So the entire premise behind Telekinesis is dealing with ones ability to affect that current. On a super level, this was the concept behind the X-Men character "Phoenix" which is also a testament to the psychokinetic power of the Goddess, and the will of the Male Gods to hold their power together without getting destroyed in the process.

How many Sistahs wish they could dismantle molecules with the minds alone, leaving their offenders in a bed of ash? Well this is Telekinesis at it's most supernatural level. It's possibility depends on how much wattage our minds are able to generate.

Now in our culture as Africans, we've heard stories of "flying Africans" who took off into the air during slavery and returned home. Naturally we have to treat such tales with an air of skepticism. Still, telekinesis at it's minimal state is part of our history. From the use of a weapon, a knife, an arrow- all controlled by the mastery of mind over matter to direct the weapon correctly. Even in other cultures where the sword was sometimes as heavy as it's user- the mastery of such a weapon took more than just strength, it took the ability to lessen the pull of gravity on metal. Even down to getting a ball into the basket- this is also a form of telekinesis.



Flying African?

The obsession with M. Jordan also came from his apparent ability to defy gravity. I've met White folks who seem to worship him as a God because of it. No it's not the shoes, it's the genes.

Our defiance of gravity, our defiance of matter.
Resist fear, and claim the powers that have always been yours.
So is fear the biggest factor?.....How shall we go about getting rid of these thoughts?....It has to be more of a subconscious thing and its not as easy to just get rid of subconscious beliefs as 1,2,3......Belief me if only i could float the remote to me or shut my door without moving a feel I am consciously ready but there must be some deep rooted subconscious thing thats holding back my abilities....or is there more to I have to detox and so forth.....??


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