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    Lyrical lame cause physical pain so misled fakes

    Has a headache Ibuprofen is needed got high stakes

    On my raps, have a desire for HIPHOP while my feet

    Require flip flops, trip a lot before writing is complete

    See a bear and prepare to fight try to defeat with dry

    Heat and lead from my gun// get strange affection why

    My mind change directions? Fell in love from hugging

    Look need lots of loving want a girl with a hot oven

    Can’t stop loving sex, once you try cake can’t apply

    The brakes, when you horny and get cake from a female

    It’s like an escape from jail you feel free to prevail

    Untouched while in search for some more body can’t cool

    Smoking a lot and hot like an opening shot on a big pool

    Table it scatter ball and shatter all your pride suffer a great

    Fall like an eight ball, at Food Lion see a girl starting to shake

    but my mind raw can’t find flaw booty a real cutie

    the love grow increases about to go to pieces over beauty

    she shop with attitude looking at the chopped food get

    me in a hot mood for some Champaign starting to sweat

    Gee I bet she wet hot and fine got a plot genuine a queen

    At best got lean flesh never seen breasts poke nipple keen

    Her walk true ready to talk through her ears and get a date

    Ready to rake her leaves grab cake and squeeze oh my wait

    Girl take me please right now naked seas flow in my mind

    “Look boo you cute and cool, I would be an absolute fool

    If I didn’t ask for a date, girl you dress so fine and boys drool

    Over your body you stay abreast of the times even at a party

    I wear bling out to clubs your beauty bring about love Bardee

    On the table, pause, shook you caused me to look no flaws in

    Your book you turned my page now concerned and amazed been

    Hooked on phonics with crooked Ebonics girl your groove is boss

    In the drop top boo, have some class a date must come to pass, toss

    Kisses you just peach and cake want your body to reach a state

    Of wetness so boo get this one wet kiss guarantee some cake

    its odd luck as sex be the product cumming from no break

    in the action it’ll bring me great satisfaction must cum to grips

    you a true force and you on due course to clash with my lips

    while I grasp your hips boo, and make the mattress do flips

    going to do some complex rapping and let wet sex happen as

    a result, discover you flirting booty cover a certain spot and has

    my attention in a big jazz dimension starring Herby Hancock

    got a proud walk and do loud talk come wordy with a plan hot

    now here in Food Lion trying to advance my cause and romance

    have its flaws her butter could devastate my toast at first glance

    and accelerate the growth of the worse chance to fall in love

    Very shook using your library book not being lazy but seeing

    Crazy like Lauren Hill duwop in a community and skiing

    With an opportunity to melt your snow it’ll really help your

    Breast grow and the best show is yet to come the milk just pour

    Girl a date, a great kiss can make my wish come true boo”

    “Naw player sex is like the water bill it legally falls due

    Then I’ll call you this is a habitat of sexual combat so where

    You at with the true stats, the fat lips on my thing about to blow

    Up like a grenade, it’s the thrilla of Guerilla warfare you must know

    Sometime my breasts feel bare and expose to fresh air but player you’re

    Impress with the pair and stress for an affair with me for my love no cure

    It’s a tall stout chance you want an all-out romance so you wanna make

    A date just to get cake, have doubts about your mission give me a break

    No limits here like an academic year so school is open and so are my thighs

    Got bizarre vibes going through me, I think you want to eat tuna first my pies

    Second take me to bed get in my universe because you thirst for sex right?

    Player you sprung and I know why it’s because my love hung high in flight

    Like flying saucers” “so look boo could be amused and lonely if love

    Is used wrongly could end up on the news strongly as a media thug

    Want cake to eat lets set up a date to meet bet your wet body creates

    Heat in bed, put you in my car roll down the street body be great

    Bold renowned and unique CD kicking sounds and beats a real honey-

    Bun fine as the sunshine across the sky feel boss and fly got money

    While you cross your thighs that’ll make me beg for some boo

    Got a special type theme and like team I’m in the play-offs while you

    Stay soft like Mary Jane bread with lips very tame and red admire

    The hook in your entire book chapters are complete and like fire

    Rapper speak of your pages in hardcore stages of sweetness desire

    Your body bad boo, has true vision but need you to come to

    A decision about our date, my foul mind is like alkaline a few

    Thoughts are drastic like acid and you wet like Lake Placid boo

    Have a ton of sense and that’s one’s strength going to be fun to

    Convince you of my love girl, it’s in the news how I been confused

    Some jive is dumb and derive from lack of expression but I’m amused

    Girl you tall got class I all but collapsed when I saw your hips

    And raw lips my mind started to trip covered with mud heart skips

    A beat discovered love on a two way street right on my fingertips”

    “Naw player cums to sex you’re a dueler and like a jeweler yet

    You want to set my stones while I’m wet and home probably get

    Thrown in the bed with my legs spread, got style and proud ran

    With a wild crowd now smile want to get in my wet panties now stand

    Here and ask for some, you want cake and hurting I have to make

    Certain I don’t get stood up so I need good luck to cum before the date

    Shower to look nice but you have to power to entice attract with charm

    Feel like I’m back on the farm on hayride sexual facts could harm

    A girl’s brain, player your raps hot but my body like apricots cures

    In the sun and bring a pure ton of sweetness boys will lick it I’m sure

    Coochee hairs in juicy pairs often soften by boy talk make a girl open

    Her thighs to the smoking vibes of a tonguing kiss got me coping

    With love, player you want to drive a tractor and survive as an actor

    Come on stage in dumb rage with a play act, lay back become a factor

    You take on duties to get cake from cuties stay smart and play the part

    Of a queen, yeah player wet no doubt and you set out on mission to spark

    Sex, (remember I was at Target to shop and was hot wearing lace

    Down there in a place where the hotness nest at while boys chase

    My breast stats wearing a terrific skirt and like scientific work

    In a laboratory strut butt and invent stuff, boys want to insert

    Dirt in my head and work out in bed like J. Cole it really hurt

    To stay bold, sweaty and already admitted I’m on sex status

    Fitted with complex apparatus such as a bra and panties a fat plus

    For that, yes player sex is systematic a girl catch brisk static

    When she don’t give it up so I try duck like an Aflac fanatic

    The only access to my body is to impress me at a party and

    Bless me at Hardee with a hamburger just that could expand

    To the bedroom, need a tutor so I can proceed on the computer

    To draw graphs but my raw craft is being a sexy girl barracuda

    Now in an unknown dimension and body has drawn attention

    A boy is looking so complete clever with mad fate and knowledge

    Probably did graduate from college, he better not rap any garbage?

    Like a band Target draws a large crowd must dodge this loud

    Incident, renowned girl are all around the world but I feel proud

    As a brown pearl I’m in a swell mood but the smell of food shook

    Me, the place witty and nice this city life is rude but I’m hooked

    Here at Target now this one boy sees my breasts are deft cums over

    To express himself he arrived on due course and choice sex soldier

    With force in his voice I was blind some but the time has come for

    Him to speak it’s a clear direction this is near perfection has a car

    Gonna need on sincere protection if we have sex, I chew bubble

    Gum but there’s more trouble to come wanted to kiss a couple

    Of times and like a dog began to growl then stand and howl

    Scan and prowl because my thing is so hot he shows lots of style

    But like the captain of a ship he’s raping script my brain on board

    Starting to float in his quotes, he said boo “you Fine I really adored

    You first sight” the juice in my panties prevail as Target try boost

    Sales I roam on loose trails trying to find home but really my goose

    Is cooked panties are heated, boys want crust and cream so they

    Discuss ways and means to get me hot, stay wet a lot this may

    Change my thought patterns it’s cake season he’s ready to state

    the reason why I should give him some, said “girl don’t hesitate

    under your skirt is lace let’s make that a workplace the results will

    be great and renowned when I cultivate your ground even king Tut

    knows what up, tell a fat story about bling but it’ll lead to a corrupt

    category of things like Robert Horry I cling to three pointers and pride

    your nice thighs are honey I’m not a life size dummy but juice inside

    your pies are runny, girl Hip Hop is a smart culture built art sculptures

    with microphones and glamour words the grammar absurd but vulture

    attack, boo as my emotions gradually increase I want to madly feast

    on your love being a strong thug” player he really want some bad

    and now I have a headache because my lips are red cake and mad

    sexy he grabs my waist words plain and swift made my brains drift

    my thing got so hot down there he grabs my waist my skirt jest lifts

    as little bit, it’s a drastic call for cream and like a basketball team he

    wants to layup and I stay stuck between sex and reality so wet to see

    don’t know rather my body toast or pop tarts but for the most

    part it’s being served and I’m seeing words, ready to take an oath

    stats true at school eating yesterday’s spaghetti every semester

    stay ready for exams, a fiery dame with a wiry frame lesser

    threat but wet down there juice everywhere a girl can’t care

    about that, boys want to wreck missions as sex technicians beware

    my creamy pies extremely fries his words steamy vibes wow

    favoring his part from a laboring heart yet he strives somehow

    to get me in bed player this boy wants to take me home and do some

    strong rapping and sex has been known to happen every crumb

    leads to the bedroom, player I said “my patience beginning to slide

    you not on the winning side hate to sound like a dumb butt my pride

    has somewhat fallen you get too much wet tongue if you get sprung

    not my fault should’ve just shop and talk now you stuck and hung

    boo and you say my body kicking like Kung-Fu, now you want to cum

    shy and abashed that you would try smash my cherries my honeybun

    is sweet but I’m crush dame as I blush you aim for sex may as well

    rush to a train and roll out of town can’t you hold me around my swell

    waist I can tell you want lace but don’t chase so hard, and be an infidel

    sweet in a lonely mood eat only food while you on streets

    strongly rude and homeys got attitudes now got my body in heat

    want cake out of the wild going to have to wait awhile for sure

    not today no way Hosea, want to do a hot search but not much pure

    slop you going to find, good and hot this cake of mind but you would

    not take the to write a love letter as thug you better recognize its hood

    I read from books and proceed dumb and hooked on the ironic Ebonics

    Of sex and phonics are vexed, like snoop dog its all gin and tonics

    It’s a mad club fact that you wanna add and subtract my numbers

    Get me in your black Hummer’s open my thighs unzip your cucumber

    In the backseat listening to a whack beat and go crazy yelling out stuff

    While you huff and puff, ok boo time up going to leave” oh player that scuff

    His game here at Target wet and amazed panties set ablaze by love talk

    He told me I just a biscuit if I open my thighs he’ll kiss it I couldn’t walk

    The hairs around my thing was twisted I couldn’t go anywhere so hot

    Down there but somehow I left him standing there he really wanted my pot

    Pie I guess
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    That's Deep!
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    man ........dis was it.....
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    candesweet and rich thanks for the props for real