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    By Andre Austin

    Roman historian Tacitus wrote:

    “The majority of the Jews were convinced that the ancient scriptures of their priests alluded to the present as the very time when the Orient would triumph and from Judaea would go forth men destined to rule the world. This mysterious prophecy really referred to Vespasian and Titus, but the common people, true to the selfish ambitions of mankind, thought that this exalted destiny was reserved for them, and not even their calamities opened their eyes to the truth.(Tacitus, Histories 5.13 also see War of the Jews 6.312-313) According to Pliny the Elder in Natural History Rome used the Olive tree when celebrating their Triumphs book XV:19 The Olive tree was symbolic of Israel and at Mount Olives where Jesus was captured by Rome.

    I want to conclude (Chapter 12 of Shakespeare’s Secret Messiah) with a number of typological linkages between Roman historian Suetonius and the New Testament to show how completely his literature was developed around its typological linkages to the New Testament. Suetonius claimed that Vespasian had performed several ‘Christ-like’ miracles immediately after his ‘Ascension’. Suetonius recorded that after a “certain divinity”- i.e the mantle of ‘Christ’-was “given him” Vespasian performed miracles obviously parallel to those of the better-known ‘Christ’, the character in the Gospels.

    Vespasian as yet lacked prestige and a certain divinity, so to speak, since he was an unexpected and still new-made emperor; but these also were given him. A man of the people who was blind, and another who was Lame , came to him together as he sat on the tribunal, begging for the help for their disorders which Serapis (Osiris, who was symbolic of corn, wheat, vines and a Tree) had promised in a dream; for the god declared that Vespasian would restore the eyes, if he would spit upon them, and give strength to the leg, if he would deign to touch it with his heel…he was at last prevailed upon his friends and tried both things in public before a large crowd; and with success. (Suetonius, Vespasian 7)

    Compare with Mark 8:22-26:

    “And he took the blind man by the hand …and spit on his eyes and put his hands on him, he asked him if he saw anything. And he looked up and said, I see men like Trees walking”

    Suetonius provides the secret basis for the image the blind man that Jesus cured first saw –“Trees like men walking”. The passage shows that-far from having blurred vision-the man saw the truth; The Flavian Christs were ‘Messianic trees”.

    On the suburban estate of the Flavian an old Oak tree, which was sacred to Mars, on each of the three occasions when Vespasian was delivered suddenly put forth a branch from its trunk, obvious indication of the destiny of each child. The first was slender and quickly withered, and so to the girl that was born died within the year; the second was very strong and long and portended great success, but the third was the image of a Tree. Therefore their father Sabinius announced to his mother that a grandson had been born to her would be a Caesar. (Suetonius, Vespasian 5 )

    The Book of Daniel 4 associated dreams and Trees with Kings. Josephus used the book of Daniel to Align Titus and Vespasian kingdom in War of the Jews which eventualy became a parody, satire and spoof.


    Let me ask you a question. (1) Whose tree is cut down in Luke 3:7-9 just before the fictional genealogy tree of Jesus is outlined? The Jews

    (2) Whose tree and branch is grafted into/onto another tree in Romans chapter 11? The Flavians


    If we go back into the ancient Egyptian religion we can see where they copied the spit miracle:

    …This Osiris Pepi, he is censed…with the saliva that comes forth from the mouth of Horus, and the spittle that comes forth from the mouth of Set, wherewith Horus was purified”

    “There he spat upon the face of Horus, and did away the injury which it had received…the allusion here is to the great fight between Horus and Set, in which the former lost his eye and latter his genitals. Ra spat on the eye of Horus and healed it” (Osiris & the Egyptian Resurrection By E.A Wallis Budge Volume 1 p.105 & 159