Black People : Message To The Strong

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    Not to long ago there was a CIA white guy one of these tv channels that was speaking about the so called New World Order....and basically he was stating that the reality of the New World Order was for the northern half of the globe to dominate the southern half of the globe. He stated that when one looks at the southern half of the globe that those are the areas that have the natural resources that the northern half of the globe needs in order to continue to live or exist. He stated that basically this is what the new world order is actually about.

    In continuing, he stated that there is a program to essentially get the masses to perceive reality in a certain perspective or framework and that those who are ahead of the masses would be those who would be targeted for elimination or imprisonment because they pose a threat to the established thought that they are attempting through religion, education and the social order that they are structuring. he stated that those who are historically and politically astute should go into hiding as they will be targeted first. observation of what he stated in terms of the masses is 100% TRUE. I think that this is well beyond anything that we can change or have the power to affect simply because they are so far ahead of us as it relates to their program. So my message to the strong is this; Learn all that you can concerning history and politics and pass it to your young as deeply as you can. I'm not going to sit up here and pretend that what is happening isn't happening or that we somehow have some magical power to stop it because we don't.

    However and whenever this goes down, which is obviously a gradual process, it becomes important that we do not allow ourselves to become trapped in any structured thought processes or beliefs that are not in accord with reality as we know it to be. For in the long run it is we who will re-establish order, freedom and knowledge back into whatever is left of the masses.