Regardless of the conglomerate history of our indigenous genes whether we hail from Africa as Natives or from all over including being Native to America the fact is that a Black Man; A Jamaican man who journeyed to America as an immigrant and student decided to unselfishly insert himself into a new life uplifting our people. Marcus Garvey opened the door to every leader after him and influenced the world on a global scale from different countries in Africa and Blacks All over the world joined his movement to uplift the collective people. He also was a part of elevating Black Wall Street. So we must not get carried away with differences when this man clearly looked passed the distinctions and looked at the collective. His movement was to make us independent economically and politically free later. Today we are very political but we should concentrate on our economic collective structure. A lot of people sensationalized Garvey's political and social rhetoric but often forget this was a brother who was economically free and he wasn't even an American. He was a self-made millionaire who created many other Black millionaires and the introduction of stockshares.
My Apologies for My participation in the derailment of your thread....I do however still look forward to your post regarding Garvey's work as you originally proposed.
Stop asking me these stupid questions.

Eye am speaking in first person. Did you miss this lesson in school?

Point of View:
  • First person definition: first person indicates the speaker.
  • Second person definition: second person indicates the addressee.
  • Third person definition: third person indicates a third party individual other than the speaker.
You said "We are still here" who then is the we if you are not African?
As Garvey's message was for Africans not Natives?
if only Natives are here then Garvey was not Addressing those still he was clearly addressing Africans
It seem you are suffering from an Intellectual Dissonance as you can't say "We" whilst refer to Africans at the same time saying you are not African....Make up your mind
My Apologies for My participation in the derailment of your thread....I do however still look forward to your post regarding Garvey's work as you originally proposed.
It's okay. I figured that happens sometimes where we digress and start discussing different subjects related to Identity. I'll start breaking down each Lesson soon in a nutshell. As long as we are thinking at the end of the day and not arguing... There is nothing wrong with exchanging ideas and thoughts.
Sorry I could not watch your last two videos in it's entirety as it seems to be the same misinformation meant as pure propaganda to create division.
I notice you refuse to address the Pre- Columbian Question.

I refer To these Blacks as Pre-Columbian Africans...Columbus saw them on his Travels - they were here before Columbus....
We even have evidence of earlier African in American as way back as 1300 yrs ago(Luzia*)....still Africans

Ivan Van Sertima already let this be Known in his seminal Work..."THEY CAME BEFORE COLUMBUS"

Ivan Van Sertima - They came before Columbus​

Obviously, Frankster you have never read anything Eye have ever posted about the Olmecs..

Your mouthful of questions expose your inability to research and seek knowledge for yourself which will always lead to a truth being self evident.

Dane Calloway and The Research Guy provide factz that cannot be denied nor misproven....disrespecting me and then expecting me to answer questions will not do either...



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