Time stamped:- 6:38.
The map of Africa is split between Hamites in the North(top) and Negroes in the South and West (bottom and Left )and Arads in the East (Right).
Clearly Negroes are from and in Africa

Time Stamped:-17:20.
The Videographer is quoting from a Known Racist who is Using Craniology to Support the continuation of Slavery against the Abolitionist Movement

Time stamped:- 20:56.
His own Evidence condemns him, the passage highlighted there clearly states and he himself say they were "outsiders Take from the Shores of Africa"...
Are you supposing the were taken from the Americas?
or from some other part of Africa most likely simply belonging to another tribe/nation or enemy prisoner of war or kidnapped victim?
Lastly he says American Natives were being taken to Africa as slaves...But offers no proof.
I Wonder who was taking them from America to Africa?
Only to sell them To Europeans to take them back to America as slaves....Makes perfect sense?

Time stamped:- 24:45 - 27:27
He provides proof that Americans were sold in Europe...where is the proof of Americans being sold in Africa to Africans?
The Azores and Cape verde where Colonized by Portugal in the 1500....Columbus was selling to Europeans.

Time Stamped:-30:40 - 33:36
Negro Traders from Guinea??? where is Guinea?....he done lost his script at this point
His Hypothesis is that Negroes are not Africans because now he is proving Negroes from Guinea is trading in the Americas Before Columbus.
Then He goes on to say Africans are not from Africa the are from the East....Yes East Africa(including Arabia).

In Conclusion this Videographer is Confuse and conflating historical Facts to cause division in the African Family.

Now to interviewing random people as a true way of arrive a relevant historical facts.....

Americans Who Don't Know the Capital of the United States!!!​


Sorry I could not watch your last two videos in it's entirety as it seems to be the same misinformation meant as pure propaganda to create division.
I notice you refuse to address the Pre- Columbian Question.

I refer To these Blacks as Pre-Columbian Africans...Columbus saw them on his Travels - they were here before Columbus....
We even have evidence of earlier African in American as way back as 1300 yrs ago(Luzia*)....still Africans

Ivan Van Sertima already let this be Known in his seminal Work..."THEY CAME BEFORE COLUMBUS"

Ivan Van Sertima - They came before Columbus​



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