Black Children : Message to the Lil’ Homies

Derrick Simmons

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Oct 19, 2019
Many black boys are engaged in self-destructive activities. They are often told to straighten up and act right; however, they continue to act in ways that are inappropriate, non-productive, and criminal. Why is this so? The reason is because nothing has been done to challenge the way they think and view themselves. Bad behavior is not corrected by orders and threats; rather, it is transformed by a developed mind. Black boys are in need of tools that will help them process their thoughts and feelings, discern the pros and cons of future actions, and prepare them to become shapers of their own destinies.
Message to the Lil’ Homies is a book designed to help black teens combat destructive behavior. It does so by focusing on the reader’s self-image, goals, and purpose. The reader walks away knowing how the trans-Atlantic slave trade occurred and what parallels exist between lil Homies and the Africans who were enslaved. The reader will learn the real meaning of soldier and what is expected of one; how to do a cost-benefit; and much more.
To order Message to the Lil’ Homies:

• Call author at 270-418-0581
• Email
• Send money order to

New Lyfe Publications
PO Box 112
Bowling Green, Kentucky 42102

The book is 85 pages; the price is $9.95 + $4 shipping and handling.


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Sep 17, 2012
I amlways surprised that whenever there is something positive being done on behalf of black folks there seems to no comments. This seems to be a wonderful way of helping our young black youths.
For too long we have been seeing drugs, killings and all other kinds of deviant behaviour among our young men. Discussion White Supremacy, Reparations, Politics, and Racism may be good but having something like this is a ray of hope for the black community. Dont we all wish for a change of behaviour.

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