Black Poetry : Message to all Haters

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    Message to all Haters

    Cats got hate inside and wanna debate my pride wow
    It’s too late to ride on the band wagon I ride and chow
    On success like a sirloin steak, give me a break I drop
    Verses, started to abandon my career but was random clear
    On my thoughts, live corrupt but couldn’t give up my sincere
    State of mind feel raped sometimes by a disgrace chase taking
    Place on the internet by whack cats with no rhyme ability hating
    Blind and silly a bunch of dumb butts and to sum it up in bold
    Fashion these low lifes can’t control their passion bunch of trolls
    With no goals couldn’t write the proper juice is doctor Seus helped
    Them, I feel extreme hatred and ready to team with the matrix step
    Into the computer twist and turn and find Laurence fishburne and Neo
    And become a hero extinguishing these flagrant agents hating and below
    Average in HIPHOP, my game is mixed and remain fixed to rip weakling
    Flapping their lips freaking on foolishness you don’t have skills just peeping
    Trying to find trouble your audio’s whack and misled like a crack head
    I won’t buy that and don’t try at getting me to change my mind I said
    It once yall miserable and invisible as just noise makers should poise
    As fakers seeking attention while I’m peeking in a dismention known
    As the twilight zone, your head swell a lot and you well stocked with grown
    Stupidity the humidity in your brain is not wet from a committee of lame
    Vets who never grew up like Peter Pan yall need a sweeter plan for this game
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    o' yeah !!!
    sho ya right.