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Mar 19, 2001
the freedom sound does not
blare as loud in our comm(hue)nity
cause melanin scares the man
since we were delivered on these stolen
soils and sold on auction blocks
we've been pigeonholed cointelproed
and elbowed placed out in the cold
and hoe-d / we've been pimped since day
one cause they fear the descendants
of God's son / implanted deceit that we
cultivated so now we even hate ourselves
placed on a reservation called a ghetto
and raped once again with oppression
manifested into repression of self manifested
into regression manifested into brothers
on corners of (auction) blocks selling rocks
and firing glocks at their reflections
instead of those downpressing us
they want us free enough to spend our greenbacks
with them but don't want to give us our green
back for work when our people toiled
on these stolen secular blood soaked soils
yes no mo' shackles but the chains
remain locked on too many African brains
They don't want us free brother...
can you walk into a store without too much
attention the kind that causes stress and
inner tension? not when you have melanin
can a brother walk down the street
without a real fear of making it home?
can an inner city school get the same
funding as a "sub"urban school? Or teachers
that are worth the weight God gave 'em?
They don't want us free / perpetual brainwashing
has got us too a point where even we hate
who we are from the boardroom to the bedroom
wing tipped psuedoblack men dismissin' their
kin but real close to one of them, disconnecting
discommunicating and verbally diseasin' their
own or brothers smackin' hittin' beatin' the
queen know what I mean? Our children are
scared of knowledge but know all the rap songs
know Micheal Jordan but not Taharka know Lil'
Kim but not Rosa Parks...yes brother they don't
want us free not mentally and we as a people
perpetuate what they indoctrinated /
and in turn don't want us free either....

(c)2001 blakverb off da top thinkin'

brother stay awake and for those you see sleepin' hit 'em with a dose of mental caffeine. we need all the So'ja's we can get.

(If you didn't know Taharka was a Nubian King of Kush. Check out the book "The African Presence In Ancient America...They Came Before Columbus" by Ivan Van Sertima. It is heavy and good food for a So'ja)
Thank You

thanks for your support, yea i know i live it, in the corporate world and back around the way and i mean around the way, you know it strikes me funny too that kids can know every rap lyric every brand named clothes but don't know times table which i had to memorize as a kid and i'm not that old, unbelievable, don't ever feel with me it's all gloom and doom, i just know ONE way and ONE way only thanks for the book titles i will give a look, i have read the KYBALION by the THREE INITATES, this book deals with UNIVERSAL LAW, this book is not for the general public because most people are hypnotized and would call you crazy just considering reading this book, and it's not in general circulation, if you can get this book give it a read it deals with the energy your mind and body produces and how you can influence you daily life thru positive energy projections like i said not for the general public this book deals with spirituality, this no place for material substance in the book strictly meditaton

I want to thank you for being a So'ja. You are right it is not all doom and gloom but we have to fight what is. Especially when it comes at a detriment to blak people. I'm going to seek out that book I've heard quite a few people talk about universal law and have been interested.

$$RICH$$ and GQ-

we go way back like 8 tracks and exlax (well, maybe not that far, but, ya'll get the point) and you two brothers continually support a blak man. We will hook up somewhere somehow someway before all of this is done. thanks my brothers.

one love,blak


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