Black Poetry : Message from the occupant of a Field of Stones


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Mar 19, 2001
I was trapped/hidden/obscured
behind shadows of help/hope
less ness lying to myself
that these shadows did not exist
and walked in a body/with a face
that had no reflection
I tried to plant love
for self/others in a place
that had no sunshine
and it died/but I tried
to resurrect it/and/
reincarnate it as a smile/
as a laugh/that had no
validity no me
I listened to a CHAOS that no one
could hear........but me/
a chaos that choked the harmony
of birds singing/and staled the morning
fresh air before the day begun/
and provided me with hellucinations
of an empty corner behind me.....

then the corner began to talk
to me of spring rains, love,
hope, a rising sun, and freah air to
breathe......and I

began to see my reflection for the
first time in awhile rising/soaring/flying/
dancing/singing above all
the chaos....that occupied my mind

and I rinsed myself with tears
and thanked the Lord for
those voices in the corner behind me
I hope they hear me when I say
"thank you"

you have helped to deliver me
/reborn/ me into a new
state of happiness that
kissed me this morning.

(c)2001 blakverb

YOU <<< (E V O L ) V E <<<

... when I cry ~ pain's 'joy'
healed my weary and tired soul ...

I'm happy you have rediscovered
happiness that lay dormant
deep within self ~ waiting
for permission
to be
allowed to come out -- welcoming YOU.

The chiseled spirit within' me
does hear you.



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