Black People : Merry Christmas or Happy Kwanzaa??


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Oct 28, 2008
bay area
So what are you doing this holiday season? Are you still celebrating Christmas, or are doing Kwanzza instead, and why? I have never celebrated Kwanzaa, even though I'm very interested in learning more about it. However, as the years roll in and out, I'm finding my discontent for the traditional Christmas more and more overwhelming. I'm tired of the sales, the being broke at the end of the year, buying gifts for folks who don't even appreciate the thought. I feel like what is the real meaning behind this commercial holiday anyway? Why are we still celebrating it when the true meaning is lost in the translation of the sales paper? Someone please, throw me a life vest....:SuN048:


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Jun 24, 2007
I have done the Xmas thing a couple times in my youth - but the concept of Xmas is just ridiculous (to me) and as an adult I just I enjoy the time off work :lol: and it is a time of gathering for friends/family etc as we have time to be together, everyone at the same time, as massa allows ;) The mere fact that Kwanzaa is celebrated during Xmas makes me question it's true intent.. it seems to be just something to rebel against the Xmas/white/Xtian thing. I dont know much about it, I was once nearly beheaded in chat for being ignorant about it ;) but I DO know all about the season of thankfulness and appreciation of family/community and have celebrated it most of my life, and that is in spring and again during the harvest - not the during the height of summer (which is where Xmas falls in sub-saharah). I cannot imagine obeying the system of being told what period of the year I should be buying stuff for people and being thankful :lol: too funny.

I get a number of days per year off work and some of them I have no idea what they mean - but I enjoy the time off work. Xmas is no exception. Days off that actually mean something to me, personally, I'll take off work to celebrate. I am not easily swayed by public opinion/pressure.

Good luck on your quest for answers


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Feb 26, 2008
Metro ATL
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This is my 1st year as an official Non-Christian. Not doing Christmas is really freaking me out. But my parents always celebrated Kwanzaa. It was a nice change after all the craziness that comes with Christmas. My mother said she brought it home because although she wanted us to be involved with all Christmas can offer she needed something to keep us didtracted during the school break. She said the more we observed it the more meaning it took on for us. Yes we had the explosive Christmas celebration, then we toned downed to the more reflective family oriented Kwanzaa observance. And Mommie liked that it ended on New years. That tied in with watchnight.

I still plan to observe Kwanzaa this year.


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May 25, 2001
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As a child...

My parents celebrated Christmas every year. As an adult my ex-husband and I celebrated Christmas with are son and daughter every year until they were about 8 or 10, and then we didn’t go all out anymore.

Each year Christmas became less and less significant. In fact this year as far as the gift giving part of it(for me) it will quietly come and go. However, I will gladly participate in the family gathering. Its what I always enjoyed the most about Christmas anyway.

Something that always baffle me is the way folks can be so thoughtful, caring, happy and full of seasons greetings cheer, and then on January 2nd transform into the complete opposite. It takes the realness out of it. I wish people could be the same, full of cheer all year round!

Whatever you celebrate I wish each and every one of you a safe and happy season celebration!



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Nov 25, 2008

now that i'm a adult and my mind has matured I am coming to realize what is truth,ritual,and paganisim.well to make a long story short i do christmas for the decoration and fun that seems to excite my little girl other than that there will be no lies about a santa clause getting the credit for my hard earned cash,no lies about this being jesus b-day either just a day that will soon taper off as she get older to understand want catch me breaking the bank going into debt over this manmade bs.

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