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    By Andre Austin

    The merchants of Phoenicia in the city of Sidon: “The grain of Shih or (Nile), the harvest of the Nile, was her revenue, and she the merchant among nations”-Isaiah 23:2-3. This proves Egypt was linked with the root of evil being money.

    “The Love of Money is the root of all evil”- 1 Timothy 6:10

    It is the wisdom of crocodiles that shed tears when they would devour."(Of Wisdom for a Man's Self," 1625).-Francis Bacon

    Shakespeare :
    If that the earth could teem with woman's tears,
    Each drop she falls would prove a crocodile. (Othello, act iv. sc. 1)

    “Egypt and Phoenicia Love money”, wrote Plato. “The special characteristic of our part of the world is the love of knowledge”. I hope Plato wasn’t trying to imply that the ancient Egyptians Loved money more than wisdom. I know the Egyptian Priest loved money and wisdom. The Greek word for wisdom derives from the Egyptian word for Magic. Egyptologist E.A. Wallis Budge said Heka (Magic) assumes the form of divine magic,and has something of the character of the wisdom which is so often mentioned by Solomon as the helper of God at Creation (Prov 8)”.

    Solomon is also associated with receiving 666 talents of Gold money annually from a supplicant. This is a hidden message that Solomon was a member of the cult of Thoth from Egypt. Thoth invented numbers, magic and other things. Solomon called himself Jedidiah in II Samuel 12:25 meaning “Because of the lord” or “By the word of the lord”. The Egyptians said the same about “Thoth the lord of the words of the Gods”. Also Solomon’s name on the surface is a trinity of 3 suns Sol,Om and On. Is it a coincidence that Thoth is called “Thrice great”? According to “The Emerald Tablet” of Thoth written down by Greeks from Egyptians in 330BC, meant “Three parts (sun’s) of wisdom..The picture of three suns would look almost the same as the hierogyphic sign for magic:
    O LI
    I’m documenting all of this to build up the case that money as the root of all evil is tied in with the magic of the Egyptians.

    Revelations 13:17-18:That no man might Buy or sell…unless he has 666 on his hand or forehead. Now remember Revelations 13:18 defines 666 as wisdom. And Egyptologist Budge states magic and wisdom goes hand and hand.
    Go to any decent thesaurus and we find the word Merchants as either a buyer or seller.This is important when we skip to Revelations 18:23 “For thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries (magic) were all nations deceived”. Rev chap 13 and 18 tie the links with money, evil and 666. Reading Rev 18: 22 we know
    “Craftsmen” were being talked about in conjunction with “Merchants”. The use of numbers is required for buying and selling which Thoth, the magician invented. Thoth invented masonry or craftsmanship.
    Thoth invented medicine and had power to restore life as in Rev 13:15
    Thoth had the head of an bird called Ibis. The devil was an unclean bird in Rev 18:2 The Koran calls satan Iblis; which is one letter off from Thoth’s Ibis.
    The devil was a liar from the beginning at the tree of knowledge/magic. Thoth names means truth and he carries the symbol of life with snakes wrapped around a tree.
    666 is talked about in conjuction with horns in Rev 13:11
    so evil may look like the symbol for magic.
    6 LI
    Thoth was truths opposite so we can reverse devil =Lived. The devil/Thoth promised Eve eternal life but lived/Devil means something died and the NT states the devil has the power over death
    It’s clear to me, and I hope to you that I’ve explained the links and ties of wisdom, magic, money and evil as all coming from the branch of the Egyptian god Thoth

    Note: Amenhetep III was son of Thoth and the Roi Soleil of all craftsmen in Egypt. For Mason’s all around the world Solomon serve the same purpose. The Egyptian word for magic Heka was used by Solomon for wisdom as the helper of god at creation.

    Thoth being a son of fire is the devil falling from the sky as fire in OT & NT