Poetry Critiques : mentality *The caged bird*

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    mentality *The caged bird*

    Broken wings, afraid to fly
    patched up with twigs and bandages, hoping to soar the sky

    I kno he felt the time as they stole his youth
    or maybe he left it locked up behind the steal doors and glass cages
    stone cold bars that kept him incarcerated
    i kno he feels they stole his youth, it might be lagging behind him so every once in a while
    ........he whips around
    just to see if it's caught up with him yet
    ...............but he knows it hasn't
    he walks around strutting freedom pouring from his finger tips
    Streaming from the tips of his toes, but he does not feel it.
    For i think he also left that incarcerated
    among other things
    counting the days until his release in marks on a stone wall
    One hundred one,
    ... one hundred two
    ..................and so on....
    pieces of his sanity flung against tha bars as some last hope for freedom
    he made a rope out of his humanity, threw in the last bits of social responsibility
    and made a noose of his integrity, and
    He prolly woulda hung himself if he wasn't promised freedom...eventually
    Open cage, free reign amongst the trees, but from the ground floor
    beneath the canopy, he can't see the smile of the sun, or feel her warm on his beak
    broken wings that has kidnapped his flight,
    somewhere he left his youth alive inside a steal bird cage

    All he had with him on the inside
    his guts and glory, a small bag of respect, he kept tucked in his pocket
    a lick of decency and pride that cut like a knife ,
    i think maybe his sorrow caught on fire,
    his sorrow burned everything except his will to survive
    left him hovering over a plate of scrapes
    sealed up suffering, some borrowed escapes and
    gasp for breath, trynna reach fresh air
    gripping his last sugary sweet memories in his palm
    cuz a n*gga will eat yo food
    lookin over the next n*gga back to see just what he's got
    n*gga i will eat yo food
    but the same things on his plate,
    some Justice flakes sprinkled over a hot cake
    No wonder it always made him sick

    Sick of scraping marks in the wall
    but theirs space not enough or theres not enough wall
    Now he wanders around with freedom tagging along by his side
    ignorance sitting on edge of his shoulder
    conversing with the demons that crawl on his nightly walls
    staring in the bottom of his next drink of reality
    taken advantage of by the Glitz and the gleam his mistress life offered
    tricked cuz all that glitters ain't gold
    and by lady liberty, mistreated
    and abandoned, his first sip of freedom
    tasted salty, bitter sweet on the lips of a man that
    Justice never kissed.
    but he can still never lose jails irony steel taste
    engraved in the back of his throat at all times
    I guess you can be free in the physical but never free in the mind.......
    Caged up like an animal, doin hard time
    broken wings, little bird afraid to fly
    where he should soar like an eagle, was never taught how to fly
    born into his cage,
    i don't kno why he doesn't sing
    maybe the thought of freedom is to much for him
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    This reads deep and with much depth
    awesome poem poetess
    love how the cage bird seek freedom
    it put me in mind of me ..................