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    By Andre Austin, Playwright

    Cast of characters:
    Juan Norton conceited teenage brat
    Guardians 1, 2 and 3, mental health workers
    Miss Youngs High school teacher
    Kevin school buddy
    Gina, Juan’s girlfriend
    Shaky, cellmate with Juan

    (Locked up in a Sanatorium. Juan Norton is going up before the guardian board for his 6 months review. Juan is sitting down on a couch while explaining to his three guardians the reasons his progress demands his release back home.)

    Juan Norton:First allow me to tell you about my dream of this head doctor


    I got mental problems seeing walking beds
    I need a female doctor to examine my head
    Figure out whats troubling me
    Help set this tension free

    Circular saliva is gushing spit
    Oh my god, oh my god where’s the body,
    Please don’t stop the kiss dance
    Hear the begging sounds of the insane
    Hearing my head get beat with lips

    Lips are walking down on me
    Why don’t these lips talk
    Healing is better in silence
    Only hearing lips walk is cool

    Keep walking on me
    Jay walking all day
    Lips can spit on my sidewalk
    So you can slide without slipping

    Guessed wrong
    If you thought I was crazy tripping
    I just need a head doctor
    To get me back pimping

    Part 2:

    Why can’t I see a body
    All I see is movable lips walking
    Walking up and down lumbering jacking
    Like my erection was a tree

    Kiss the tree god
    Until there is no more bark
    Tap it like a woodpecker
    Until its absolutely stark

    Grind it down
    Until the last syrup drops
    When I say when
    Stop when I say stop

    Man I wish I could see Gina

    I feel like an outcast I just want to be loved again. I want my freedom back. I’m sick and tired of just drinking water and eating peanut butter without the Jelly sandwiches.

    Guardian 1: Well we didn’t commit you hear your parents did.

    Guardian 2: Your behavior is what brought you here you have been incorrigible since the age of 14. When are you going to grow up and start acting like a responsible young adult?

    Juan: Its not all my fault. I’m sick and tired of people mistreating me all of the time. If you guys wouldn’t of mistreated when I first arrived I probably would have been released after the first three months, the regular duration time. I’m sorry for what I did but I think I’ve been punished enough now.

    Guardian 1: that was part of your treatment to test you. Test and see your reactions to humiliation. If you respond in a negative manner restrictions of privileges will be increased.

    (Flashback to the first day he arrived. Juan and a group of 4 other new arrivals waited in the activity room while the rest of the students were at lunch. The assistant guardians introduce themselves and handed out pamphlets outlining all of the new rules. Juan refused to introduce himself and wouldn’t read his pamphlets or cooperate in any manner. One of the other assistant guardians overhead Juan talking slightly under his breath that he wanted to kill himself.)

    Juan: I can’t wait to get somewhere alone so I can tie a sheet around my neck.

    Assistant Guardian: Ok I heard that. Get up out of the chair now you are coming with me. Right now I said get up.

    Juan: okay. Where are we going?

    Assistant Guardian: To the blue room.
    Juan: The blue room

    Assistant Guardian: Yes and then into the rubber red room. Okay take off all of your clothes, even your underwear and socks. Then I want you to walk next door into the red room. No clothing items can ever be in the red room so this is why you have to strip in the blue room.

    Juan: Do I have to undress in front of that female staff.

    Assistant Guardian: I’m afraid so. The rules say when staff are conducting a strip two of us have to be present. Currently all our staff are tied up in the cafeteria and inside the activity room.

    Female Assistant: You’re not the first little boy I’ve seen naked and sure will not be the last.

    (Immediately after Juan exited out the blue was locked and closed. They tried to open up the red room but the right set of keys left in the office. The male assistant guardian heard a noise down the hall. Juan was made to wait until the female assistant went back up to the office to obtain the right key ring. As Juan was standing up naked a group of hundred boys and girls came out of the cafeteria to go back into their study rooms. Juan immediately fell to the ground and wrapped himself up into a fetal ball with his ostrich head clinging down to the marble floor. Juan was totally humiliated and embarrassed. One of the students yelled out “They got you to”. Five minutes later the female assistant allowed Juan to go into the rubber red room for three days. 72 hours of being in the red room convinced Juan not to joke about having suicidal thoughts for the rest of his stay)

    Female assistant: Well well I hope you learned your lesson Juan. Here are your clothes. After you finished being dressed come back up to the activity room where the other new recruits arrived today. Your three days in the red room doesn’t count you start all over again. Were not going to hear about killing yourself anymore again right?

    Juan: Yes maim. I didn’t know you guys took jokes so serious.

    Female assistant: We don’t play when it comes to that.

    Juan: I see, I see

    (Back to the guardian board room 6 month review)

    Guardian 3: Juan your in here for several violations why don’t you go over them for us. I’m new here and I’ve read your file but I would like to hear them in your own personal words.

    Juan: well I guess my first major problem was in English class. We were supposed to be writing a book report on Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet. But I wanted to write my girlfriend Gina a love letter. Since I have a busy schedule of being on the basketball and having to rehearse songs for my music class. The teacher caught me and read the letter out loud in class. Man was I embarrassed. I felt like I was 2 inches high.

    (The teacher reading Juan’s letter)

    Teacher: Why don’t we share this letter with the whole class Juan?

    “Oh dear Gina if only you knew how much I’m so crazy for your love. I want to see you tonight. Leave the basement window open and I will sneak in. When I drive my moped up to your house I will turn the headlights off so no one will notice me creeping up from the back yard.”

    (Juan was dating Gina for about a year now. Her parents moved up here from California because her father got a job being assistant prosecuting attorney for the city of Chicago. They lived on the same block five houses down from each other)

    Teacher: Report to the principal’s office this instant

    Guardian 3: So how did you end up getting into more trouble?

    Juan: About a week later I examined Miss. Youngs handwriting in her report card book. And I then forged a love letter in her name to another single male teacher. Mr. Jones wrote her back in the teacher’s mailbox and she thought Mr. Jones was going crazy and called the head superintendent in. Mr. Jones almost got fired until the superintendent accidentally glanced at the back of the letter and found some identifying evidence that the letter came from me.

    Guardian 3: So why did you this. Why couldn’t you accept your punishment?

    Juan: I didn’t feel the punishment fit the crime. I felt like we were even Steven.

    Guardian 3: So what happened?

    Juan: I was kicked off the basketball team and music club. I was depressed for a long time because I loved listening to and writing my music with my friends.

    Guardian 1: Why don’t you tell guardian 3 about the two other incidents you had that brought you here?

    Juan: do I have to?

    Guardian 1: If you plan on getting out of here anytime soon I would hope so.

    Juan: You see this is what I hate I always have to embarrass myself.

    Guardian 3: Don’t view this as punishment its all apart of the healing process.

    Juan: Some healing.

    Guardian 3: what did you say?

    Juan: I said I have “lone feelings”. Feeling of wanting to keep the negative information to myself.

    Guardian 3: If you keep inside eventually it will start to eat you apart. So tell us first about that church incident.

    Juan: It was the day before Easter. After church school ended Kevin and me were responsible for coloring and hiding the eggs in and outside of the church. Instead of doing that we ate all the eggs, chocolate and jellybeans. The bishop found out about it and gave us a spanking for it and we had to confess what we did that next Sunday. Minister Adams talked about us in church by name and then made us confess our sins in front of the church. And other kids were laughing at us. I haven’t been back to church ever since that happened.

    Guardian 2: Was the preachers actions made you want to rebel against him and turn towards the ancient Egyptian religion?

    Juan: Yes it did.

    Guardian 3: So tell about the last thing you did which caused your parents to lock you up.

    Juan: Well I remember it like yesterday. Basically I got caught sleeping in the bed with my girlfriend Gina. We had taken off all of our clothes. Man I was really in the mood. Her bedroom was all pink with half dozen teddy bears. We had skipped school that Friday night for this special occasion. It was so special because the two of us were going to loose or innocence that morning. We knew what to do because a fellow student let me borrow a sex tape called “Mo Booty Volume 7”.

    Guardian 3: So what happened next?

    Juan: Why are you interrupting? I will finish the story if you let me. It was just getting ready to happen. We were nude all up under her silk sheets. Then her father came back home. We knew he wasn’t coming home for lunch because it was 8 0’clock in the morning. We found out later Gina’s father, Mr. Williams came back home because he forgot to put a couple of legal briefs in his briefcase. And the only reason he came up to Gina’s room was to give her weekend allowance. He normal gave Gina her allowance after he got home from work on Friday, also his payday. But he was going out of town with his other attorney friends to watch the Lakers battle it out with the Bulls. He came up to the bedroom to place $ 40 dollars on her bed so she could go to the movies and shop out at the mall for a new CD or something. I was able to get on my pants and socks then I hid in the closet. Gina lied and told her dad she wasn’t feeling well. If it wasn’t for my shirt being hid 90 % up under the bed we would of gotten away with it. I guess he caught the shirt out the corner of his eye or something. And with him being a prosecuting attorney he already had the skills of **** Tracy or Sherlock Holmes. Mr. Williams quickly added up the plot and guess that I was hiding in the closet. Man when he was finished with me I thought a lightning bolt hit me in the back. He basically kicked my *** all the way up to my house to inform my mother. My mother worked part time as a nurse from 12-4pm. Man I was grounded for a long time then sent up here.

    Guardian 1: So why do you feel you have been dealt wrong.

    Juan: Because we never got a chance to do anything. We almost did it but we didn’t do it.

    Guardian 3: But you were getting ready too. The steam was ready to come out of the kettle at any second.

    Juan: Well of course.

    Guardian 2: Now you weren’t thinking about doing it you were about ready to do it. But God sees sin in our minds as well as actions.

    Juan: I heard that before.

    Guardian 3: So after you were grounded how did you respond to it?

    Juan: I would have done a thing if they would of did what they did to Gina. They flew her to an all girls’ military academy school in Los Angeles. I went into a deep depression. But that wasn’t all. Mr. Williams was up for re election for prosecuting attorney. I went down to the clerk’s office and obtained a list of voters and mailed secret information against him. And for that not the depression is the real reason I’m here.

    Guardian 2: At the tender age of 16 how did you know how do all of this.

    Juan: Well my father had me in the youth chapter of the NAACPSS from the time I was 11. That’s how I was able to learn some of the tricks of the trade.

    Guardian 1: I think that in the future City Hall & the Economic club will have to monitor the activities of the NAACPSS in greater detail. So that another bad creation won’t spring up.

    Guardian 3: Now be careful Guardian 1 you know our creed “There’s no such thing as a bad child”.

    Guardian 1: Oh I forgot you’re new here and take everything literally.

    Guardian 3: I take my profession serious unlike you

    Guardian 2: Come on Stop it you guys let us not argue in front of the teenage PT.

    Juan: And I thought you guys had it all together.

    Guardian 2: What are you willing to do to get out of here Juan. Are you gonna chill out take a pause and stop being such a rebellious child?

    Juan: Probably so I’m tired of all of consequences I have to face. I’m tired of being locked up, allowances being taken away and people talking about me. I want to get back into my music and continue to write songs. But I just can’t understand why when people joke and humiliate me why do they get upset when I do it back to them? Sometimes I attack them directly and indirectly. For example if the police do something to me or my friends so that a politician will benefit. In my mind the politician is fair game?

    Guardian 1: If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen. You whine and complain but you still want to play grown up games.

    Juan: I never went to the kitchen I was put in the kitchen. They wanted to single me out and pick a fight with me because I exposed the prosecutor as being a fraud. There are thousands of individuals who have opinions and express them. They made this personal against me not me. Now they want me to shut up while they continue to abuse me with all of this over zealous punishment. To me that’s being a *****. (Watch your language young man, said Guardian 1) Sorry about that. But they want to criticize you but you can’t criticize them. I’m 16 not no little 12 year old.

    Guardian 3: Well this is why you haven’t been released yet.

    You must submit
    Or you stay commit

    Juan: So now you’re a poet.

    Guardian 3: I read Shakespeare often.

    Juan: Yes but Shakespeare can’t get me out of here. I shouldn’t have to submit just because all of you grow ups are refusing to admit you made a mistake.

    Guardian 1: Life isn’t fair and until you realize that you will stay here in your pajama suit. You don’t get to wear day clothes because you’re in the dark and still haven’t woke up from your sleep.

    Juan: So this is what explains this monkey suit? I thought it was some type of power trip of wanting control over people just in case we tried to escape.

    Guardian 1: Well you said it I didn’t

    Juan: But I feel like a slave. Being underage and being a slave is almost the same thing. A slave is a slave when he knows that his master can treat him anyway he wants to without the slave being able to appeal it to anybody. A child is the same way. The other day I wrote a little essay called in my music.

    In my music

    They gonna treat me like a child.
    Then I will act like a child.
    In my music

    They gonna treat me like a nut
    Then I will act like a nut
    In my music

    They gonna treat me like a freak
    Then I will be a freak
    In my music

    But I’m gonna make you all these things
    And much, much more to come
    In my music

    Juan: So what did you think of this

    Guardian 3: With talk like that your gonna be here for another 6 months.

    Juan: (Talking under his breath. Not if my plan works out tonight)

    Guardian 3: What are you thinking about I saw your eyebrows pop up.

    (Its nighttime. Crickets making noise out in the woods. Juan is in his room talking with his roommate Shaky)

    Shaky: I don’t know if we should be running away. If we get caught we are going to be in a lot of trouble.

    Juan: How can it get any worser than this? Man they got us in a nuthouse what worser can happen.

    Shaky: How you know the plan will work.
    Juan: Just watch and take notes.

    Shaky: Where did you get that phone.

    Juan: I sent Gina the money and had her buy one for me. I had her repackage it in a portable Walkman so the assistant guardians wouldn’t know anything.

    Shaky: Man you’re smarter than what I thought you were.

    Juan: The creative process at work my friend.

    Shaky: So who are you calling?

    Juan: The pizza man

    Shaky: The pizza man

    Juan: Yes you know the night watchman Gary Steps loving eating. I’m trying to cause a distraction. Hold up

    Pizza Hut: Pizza hut hi how may I help you?

    Juan: Yes bring me an extra large pizza with double cheese, pig’s feet, bacon bits, hamburger and all the variety of meat you have. We are having a surprise birthday party so can you possibly bring the pizza in exactly at 12pm.

    Pizza Hut: No problem were just 5 minutes from you guys.

    Juan: That will be great. See you guys then

    Pizza Hut: Goodnight and we wont be late.

    Juan: Ok

    Shaky: Now who you calling

    Juan: Don’t interrupt the brains when they are thinking. I will explain it all when I get off the phone.

    City Cab Service: How may I help you

    Juan: Please send a cab to 1478 Greenwood Street. Come in through the back way at exactly 12pm.

    City Cab Service: There is an extra five-dollar charge for request to arrive at specific times.

    Juan: No problem (Juan hangs up the phone) Now you see Shaky if it wasn’t for me you would still be a slave on this here funny farm. I Take notes from the art of war of distracting the enemy when you plan to do things beneath his eyes. Guard steps mind will be on food at 12 instead of watching us kids.

    Shaky: I never would of thought of that.

    Juan: Yeah I know that. That’s why you got me. They are not your guardians I’m your guardian because I’m looking out in your best interest. At 12pm we drop out the back widow and get into our taxi for freedom.

    (12 noon is here. Shaky and Juan climb out of the window using their sheets for rope)

    Taxi man: Hi how you guys doing.

    Juan: Just fine.

    Taxi man: Why are you guys in your pajamas

    Shaky: Well because… (Juan interrupts shaky so that he doesn’t say anything stupid)

    Juan: These aren’t pajamas. Its a new fashion style. You know us kids are always doing things different.

    Taxi man: So where you guys going.

    Juan: To the airport please.

    Shaky: Airport. I never flew before where are we headed.

    Juan: To Los Angeles to find my girl. You can’t keep love apart. The force of my attraction and feelings for her are so great that I’m willing to do anything for her. I will jump over a cliff, run in front of a car or bullet for her. And if anyone messes with her I will kill them.

    Shaky: I wish that I was in love because it seems to me that love gives you power. I need some power in my life.

    Juan: You will find love somewhere someday. Believe me because God is love and he doesn’t want anyone being deprived of love.

    Shaky: those are good things to hear because it boost up my spirits right now because I’m very afraid of flying in that airplane.

    (Tickets please. Everybody fasten your seat belts. Were passing out chewing gum to help with your ears)

    Shaky: I hope we don’t encounter any problems on the way down there.

    Juan: Stop having all of these superstitious feelings.

    Shaky: well you know today just turned Friday the 13. And you know the 13th sign of the zodiac is the spider and its web.

    Juan: Nothings gonna happen to us. Trust in the lord and no creeping things can harm you. Juan I’m going to sleep. Wake me up when we hit LAX airport.

    Shaky: Okay

    Juan: Here take my Walkman. Listening to some of my jazz can help relax you.

    Shaky: You have any Q or Grove Washington.

    Juan: Sure do. My father hooked me up to some jazz players when I was younger.

    Shaky: Your father also started you out reading too.

    Juan: Yes he used to show me newspaper articles about Chicago gangs when we were in the laundry mat every Sunday. My father and mother were pretty cool they never forced religion down my throat. Unfortunately all of my friends did not enjoy the same luxury.

    Shaky: Why was this so much unfortunate.

    Juan: They weren’t allowed to read books, newspapers or television programs that did not pass the censors whims.

    Shaky: That’s too bad because they had to of missed out on a lot.

    Juan: But this wasn’t all of it. They couldn’t play sports either. I felt sorry for the kids. They would beat the **** out of them naked and make them pray to Jesus in order for them to stop. Then they would make them get on their knees and pray.

    Shaky: Why do they do all of this.

    Juan: If you want total submission you subject them to total humiliation. And I’m just glad my father didn’t raise me up like that. My mother probably whipped me four times in my whole life and that was for bringing home a bad report card.

    Shaky: If your mother was my mother I would of receive many whippings because I was lazy as hell in school.
    Juan: It pays off to read as many books as you can because you will never know where you can get an ideal from. Now if you want to read one of my books instead of listening to the music I can help you out.

    Shaky: What particular book do you have in mind for me.

    Juan: I will start you out with The Gold of Exodus By Howard Blum. It’s a good detective read. Well it was good talking to you. And I will wake you when we get there.

    (Hours past. They arrive in LA and check into the Ritz hotel)

    Shaky: Man I got some Jet lag. I’m sleepy now since exiting the airport. I guess I’m gonna take a shower and get some rest.

    Juan: We have a couple hours before we are supposed to meet up with Gina in the girl’s locker room.

    Shaky: Wont we get caught

    Juan: No while all the other girls are taking a shower Gina will be hanging out near her locker.

    Shaky: Cool. I never been in the girl’s locker room before. Or seen a naked girl before.

    Juan: Well we wont have time for that. We just in and out man.

    Shaky: Your just spoiling the fun we could get out of it. I’m going to sleep and at least I can dream about it. Wake me up when its time to go.

    Juan: Go to sleep ho.

    (Juan and Shaky eventually woke up and took a cab. Before they enter inside the back of the girl’s locker room Juan sprinkles some purple salt on Shaky and himself for good luck.
    As Juan and Shaky encounter Gina in a all pink towel wrap around her head to waist they stopped her and asked…)

    Juan: What the hell are you doing my dear Gina. You weren’t supposed to be dressed today.

    Gina: I know I’m sorry. But the gym teacher, Mrs. Clark said that I had to. I will shower fast and meet you out in a parking lot.

    Juan: We are going to try and hot-wire a car up so we can drive it to Vegas tonight.

    (Gina walked into the shower room. Juan and Shaky followed behind without her knowing. They climbed on top of a big garbage can by tipping it over upside down so they could look through a window without being seen.

    Shaky: Good God Almighty. I didn’t god could shape objects so pleasing to the eyes. This is the second best thing to sex.

    Juan: Come down for a minute. I want to get a peek. (Juan climbs up the garbage can) Eve couldn’t of looked this good in paradise. I could hide in this spot for ten years and not move an inch. All somebody would have to do was bring me some food.

    Shaky: You never lied about that.

    Juan: One of them just put her towel on and she’s drying herself up. Lets get out of here before we get caught. ******* hold up don’t let go of the….

    (Juan slipped and fell off the garbage can because Shaky was stupid and let it go before Juan stepped down)

    Shaky: Sorry about that I forgot I was holding you up there.

    Juan: Its all right lets just get the hell out of here.

    (Before Gina stepped out into the parking lot Juan and shaky was able to hotwire Geo tracker. They waited in the car until they saw Gina coming out the backdoor. They were able to successfully pick up Gina and get on the highway to go live in Vegas for a while)

    Gina: Nice going guys. Juan I didn’t know you knew how to hijack cars.

    Juan: When I was living at home I used to hotwire my mom and dads cars when I didn’t want to ride my moped. I figure out how to do it from a book I read.

    Gina: I’m so proud of you give me a kiss.

    (That little kiss turned into a two minute French kiss)

    Shaky: Hey look we better get the hell out of here the school bell just rang.

    (Gina slightly pushes him away)

    Gina: Hey your friends right we have to scram and get up out of here. There will be plenty of time for all of this.

    Juan: Cool I’m with it. Shaky had me the map. It’s underneath the seat next to you.

    Shaky: I found it.

    Juan: Never mind don’t hand it to me. Just look up California to Vegas and tell me which highway we are supposed to take.

    Shaky: According to the map were supposed to take I 44.

    Juan: How many miles and time will it take?

    Shaky: It’s about 12-hour drive.

    Juan: Well get comfortable Gina.

    Gina: Just being with you makes me feel comfortable. I would be comfortable with you if we were together naked in some cold rain.

    Juan: Even if we could get the flu.

    Gina: I love you so much that if you had a cold I would kiss you in the mouth so I would get sick too.

    Juan: I know you did this before.

    Gina: Yes and when my mother found out about it you was attempting to break us apart before I was sent to this all girls military school.

    Juan: That explain why 95% of the time she would always say you weren’t home.

    Gina: Yes. She felt our love was getting to deep and strong for our young age.

    Juan: but their stupid and just don’t understand.

    Shaky: I wish I knew love

    Gina: You will someday shaky you will. I promise you that.

    Juan: So how much money did you save up?

    Gina: About $500 dollars.

    Juan: Good
    Gina: Is that enough.

    Juan: It will do. Its enough to get a hotel and play some blackjack. While I was in the hospital I must of read about 12 books on how to be a better black jack player. We will see if all of my studies would pay off the research.

    Gina: It doesn’t matter if you win or loose I just want to be with you.

    Juan: Yes but in relationships money does up. The majority of divorces end up that way because their were disputes over money.

    Gina: Nothing can come between us. My love our love is stronger than material things.

    Juan: Yes but after I’m finished breaking the bank up here at Caesars Palace, I’m gonna buy you a diamond ring that’s bigger than the brown eyes you have. A house with a built indoor swimming pool and basketball court. I’m gonna have a miniature size studio where me and shaky will make rap and R&B songs together. We might be stars one day.

    Gina: Your already a star in my eyes.

    Juan: But I plan on being one. Ain’t that right Shaky?

    Shaky: You know it man. With my badass beats and poetry of lyrics we aim to go real far. Before we are 25 man Hollywood is gonna square us up with our cement and feet printed on a star.

    Juan: Oh yes our own little square heaven.

    Shaky: And we will be floating on the walls of cloud nine.

    Juan: Ten for me.

    Shaky: I thought there was only nine

    (Gina and Juan say at the same time)

    Gina: Wrong again Shaky
    Juan: Wrong again Shaky

    Shaky: My bad.

    (More time elapses while driving on highway I 44 Juan switches with Shaky so he can drive the rest of the way to Vegas. Juan and Gina are now sitting with each other in the backseat)

    Juan: Shaky’s not listening and he’s sure not watching. He has to keep his eyes on the road.

    Gina: The first time I have sex will not be in the back of a jeep on the highway. Its not even close to being romantic. If you love and care about me you will wait until I’m ready.

    Juan: I’m sorry. But being locked up for so long without holding your hand or kissing you has caused me to act differently. All I had of you were letters and pictures and memories of me sneaking into the basement.

    Gina: So when are we going to get married

    Juan: Soon. In the state of Vegas according to their law you can be married at 16 without a parent signing over; but to enter a gambling casino you have to be 18. I got some fake id’s for all of us. One of the pictures you sent I used for your ID.

    Gina: Wow. I never been in a gambling joint before.

    Juan: Your gonna love it.

    Gina: I know I will

    Shaky: Well surprise, surprise guys we are here.

    Gina: look at that naked statue of Caesar. Why did they give me such a small penis?

    Juan: Maybe because he has a small penis.

    Gina: Besides that this gambling palace is huge.

    Juan: I’m glad they have hotel rooms already inside here. It makes it easier. You guys go ahead and check into some rooms. Meet up with me after you put the luggage in. I will be at the blackjack table.

    Gina: Ok honey

    (Juan too $300 dollars of Gina’s 500 hundred dollars and began to bet 100 dollars every bet. Amazingly he drew a black jack 21 on his first bet. By the time Gina and Shaky arrived Juan already won $ 3,000 dollars)

    Gina: How did you win all of this money so fast?

    Juan: I’m determined to see that we have a good life after we leave from here. I want us to have the American dream not the nightmare I had at the hospital.

    Gina: Ok. But this isn’t the time to talk like that your embarrassing me.
    Shaky: Hey guys look here I got two garbage bags of coins. I just won it at the slop machine.

    Juan: Congratulations.

    Shaky: I finally found something I’m good at besides music. Now there’s at least $ 5,000 dollars in here. I will be able to get all of the latest equipment to produce some hot tracks.

    Juan: Try to win so more. I’m up $3,000 right now.

    Shaky: I will try. Hopefully I can win another five thousand.

    Juan: All righty then. Okay I think I wanna start betting one thousand dollars at a time.

    Card dealer: Are you sure.

    Juan: Yeah I think I can win bigger and faster this way.

    Gina: I’m gonna go get me something to eat at the hamburger stand. Do want anything?

    Juan: No thanks. Food is a distraction when I’m gambling.

    Gina: Ok fine but I’m starving. I will be right back.

    Juan: All right. Ok let me bet this 2,000 double or nothing

    Card Dealer: Ok

    (All of this betting continues for 6 hours. Gina went up to the hotel room to get some sleep. Eventually Juan won two hundred thousands dollars and Shaky won $15,000 dollars. The next day Juan and Gina got married)

    Gina: So what are we gonna do with all of this money.

    Juan: Were gonna move to Hollywood and buy a house. The second thing we gonna get you a car so you can drive around in.

    Gina: Don’t you think we should invest some of this money in CD’s and stocks?

    Juan: Yes we are going to invest in selling our CD me and shaky made when we were locked down.

    Gina: I meant a CD from a bank.

    Juan: I knew that but we gonna make more money selling CD’s out the back of our cars than any bank can give me 10% off my invested money. Besides were just 16 we can’t invest on Wall Street until we get 18.

    Gina: So when are we leaving from here to Hollywood.

    Juan: Tonight. But I have to write my parents today before we leave.

    Dear Mom & Dad:

    I just want you guys to know that I’ve been doing well. I ran away because I want to be free. I’ve done wrong in the past and I will try to repent. I’m trying to become a successful Rap Star. So if I hit it big you will see me on TV and I know then you will be proud of me. But I just couldn’t take being stripped search, being subjected to corporal punishment, overly drugged and forced to confess that I was wrong as a condition to get released. When I get 18 I’m gonna come back home and visit all of you. When I turn 18 I will be an adult and people will not be able to confine me without my permission. Gina’s parents attempted to deprive me of my only love. My teacher invaded my privacy and revealed to the whole world my feelings I had towards. I felt like I was being raped. Then the preacher singled me out for persecution in front of hundreds of church members. Kevin really didn’t get into no trouble but they had it in for me. Now the prosecutor was raw with me and that’s why I was locked up for telling the truth against him. And last but certainly not the least people think its perfectly okay to joke and humiliate you but when you do it do then they feel like you committed a capitol crime. If you can’t take it then don’t give it. But anyway like I said before I didn’t mind be punished but I do hate it when people go overboard. I will be sending you post cards from time to time and let you know how I’m doing. Well this is all I have to say for know.

    Your Son

    Juan Norton

    P.S I almost forgot to tell you. Me and Gina got married. I will send you some pictures of us and the wedding cake. I won big at the casino to.

    (Juan pulls up to a mailbox)

    Gina: are you finished writing honey?

    Juan: Yes Could you please put this in the mailbox.

    Gina: Sure

    Juan: Thank you. Well that does it were off to Hollywood you guys.

    Shaky: Were ready for Hollywood but are they ready for us.

    Juan: Aint no telling but if they think we can make money for them then were in.
    Shaky: Then were in.

    Gina: What can I do to help out with your music careers?

    Juan: Sing
    Shaky: Sing

    Juan: You know you used to sing exceptional well in the choir in church and in school. We just might have a song where you can come in. let me put one of our songs in.

    Could I be with you

    Would you be my girl
    If I was a rap star
    Could I take you on a date
    If I had a big car

    Could I be with you
    If the sky wasn’t blue
    If I didn’t have no money
    But my love was still true

    (2nd Chorus of Female singers)

    I’m with you baby
    I’m with you baby
    I was always with you
    Cause I’m your lady

    I could be your Romeo
    Would you like to be my flower
    I’m not a millionaire
    Or a man with any power

    Love is my only strength
    I think I carry it kind of strong
    Could I be with you tonight
    True love can never go wrong

    Chorus Repeat

    I’m just an unknown poet
    And I didn’t even know it
    Until I met a girl like you
    And all I want to know,
    Could I be with you?

    2nd chorus repeats fade it out

    I’m with you baby
    I’m with you baby
    I was always with you
    Cause I’m your lady

    Gina: that was good when did you write that?

    Juan: Shaky and myself wrote it. You can sing the part of “I’m with you baby”.

    Gina: I think I could handle that

    Juan: All right then let me throw in the instrumental version and we can all sing it together.

    Gina: Ok cool

    (Many songs are sung as they travel on their 4 hour journey to Cali)

    Shaky: Look at the sign “Welcome to Hollywood”

    Juan: My dreams have finally come true. I’m here in Hollywood kicking it with the stars.

    (After spending about 3 months in Hollywood Juan and Gina would purchase their dream home and receive a recording contract with Starbright Recordings. Within the first month of the release of his album Juan sold two hundred thousand copies. The title of his new album is called “Keeping it real”.

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